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Choice to potentially give someone else immunity as well. Based on a spin of a wheel would determine how many other people got immunity on his team. More specifically witch. Actually don't remember the results that i'm gonna have to search that up real quick just based on a quick search. I can't actually find it It might have been yet. I don't really know honestly not that important Ultimately because of this he wanted to break up the showman's which was then between christian and elissa christian having safety means that you can only do elissa and then he needs a pawn and so you kind of look it who might be the nicest person and he had also grown pretty close with thailand and so for some reason he puts kyle now. This is around the time when frenchy starts to go a little crazy He puts him up. He puts this up. We also prom safety. He promised that a woman any person of color would not go on the block and he quite literally did that exact thing he put up a person of color and he put up a woman And there were really no meat heads for him to put up any more. Except for brent. In travis which of like i said there's only three in house really But yeah so then. We have the video competition and so we have This interesting little ball maze Where they have to drop a ball and somehow get it to hit all the fruit and then go right at the bottom of their quote unquote glass. I guess technically is And so you have. Derek acts who watched everyone else build their challenge from the top to the bottom and so he was able to make adjustment so he was doing the bottom. While everyone else was working on the top watched there's saul who is successful and so by the time he was done the bottom he saw who is finished the top which was really smart and i had said rape before that challenge..

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