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On south capital Swedish we've been telling you the Douglas bridge does remain shut down for the ongoing demonstration of police activity as you also heard the nationals are out of town, but D.C. United does play at 5, so you'll need to plan accordingly if you're heading to Audi field. We've also got roadwork on south capital street near M street, but M street remains open. On two 95 going south jam from New York avenue out of Maryland toward the works under benning road single left gets by on three 95 northbound jam down from Massachusetts avenue, most of the way toward the York avenue through the third street tunnel. 6 95 east, the crash near the 11th street bridge right before it had only a single in getting by it last report. Virginia bell was slow on the integral from Tyson toward the legion bridge, George Washington Parkway crash was northbound near the beltway along the right, 66 eastern falkirk county that worked on year 17 Marshall blocks the left lane, 95 southbound slows across the aka Kwan than jammed out a triangle most of the way toward the crash just south of the rappahannock in the local lanes and Fredericksburg, we found it in camera along the right, the easy pass lanes of southbound on 95 and three 95, about a two mile back of trying to exit at Stafford, north 95, slows out of a quiet and stretches toward newington, the crash northern 95 near the fairfax county Parkway was still blocking the right side you were getting by to the left. Into Maryland 50 eastbound delay saint Margaret's to the Chesapeake Bay bridges, 50 westbound to late Steve Kent narrows, bridges are now configured for three west and two east, I 97 samples lows leaving about three toward one 78 and heavy volume, Baltimore Parkway, north belt and they went out for a crash north of one 93, believe they still may be there with it. You'll find pockets of delays on the capitol to belly throughout prince George and Montgomery counties, mostly weekend highway volume. Two 70 southbound slows to the works of southern Montgomery village avenue, stay to the left to get by. Brought to you by NBT sea if it's been a while since you've taken the bus or train hop on and see how nova's public transportation providers can safely get you to your destination, rediscover your ride, nova ride dot org. I'm Jo comment on YouTube traffic. To storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. High pressure is definitely in control for our weekend, mostly sunny skies with the remainder of our Saturday. Temperatures will top out in the mid to upper

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