Trump Tower, Lincoln, Bill De Blasio discussed on WBZ Morning News


And push it over the finish line but storm clouds away the world is witnessing the birth of a new movement in our country democratic representative Karen bass of California says the democratic bill aims to stop police misconduct by changing police procedures and accountability never again should the world be subjected to which is witnessing what we saw on the streets in Minneapolis Republican representative Jim Jordan of Ohio we have Democrats in big cities around our country saying deep on the please get rid of police departments it makes no sense the bill has hardly any chance of passing in the Senate and president trump says he'll veto tied in to ABC news congresswoman Diana Presley on the house floor says now is the time for action driving while black jogging while black sleeping while blacks we have been criminalized for the very way we show up in the world under the harsh gaze of far too many my black body is seen as a threat always considered armed centuries of institutionalized oppression will not be undone overnight for racism in America is estructural as the marble pillars of this very institution president trump on the campaign trail says he is willing to bring back the controversial stop and frisk policies to police across the nation the comments coming in a town hall style meeting in Wisconsin in other news happening this morning New York mayor bill de Blasio orders black lives matter to be painted outside trump tower the president reportedly not happy at all about that workers wearing black lives matter face masks at a whole foods market in Cambridge are told by the boss to take them off or leave according to the globe this morning in the Boston art commission considers tearing down a controversial statue of president Lincoln in park square and calls for the removal of Confederate symbols the Dixie chicks now just known as the.

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