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Holly. She's unfound. She couldn't join in. But I thought that was pretty good. All right. So we are not going to Florida. I though we are going to New York New York City. So I wanna tell you. Okay. So you know, I don't do the betting on the on the sports teams. But I know a lot of people get into it. Okay. So there's this one called Super Bowl squares. It's where you write your name and squares on a grid. And I don't care who cares. But here's the deal usually cost Tenny ten or twenty dollars to play a Super Bowl squares game. And that's something that you do with your friends how hot so fun. Well, sixty sixty old Robert Brandel set up a Super Bowl squares pool online, and he made it cost five hundred dollars per square. I thought you were talking about Hollywood squares. I got kind of that would be fun. That's our kind of square game. No or. Baker square. That's more my speed. Yeah. Yeah. That was rude knows laughing. I could tell okay anyway, there are a hundred. One hundred boxes. So that means a total of fifty grand was in the pot for this game. Well, he bought some of the squares himself like a lot of them because he was trying to ensure a win. Okay. But he didn't win. Okay. What's the problem here? And then have the money to pay it. So he did what any normal human being would do. Okay. And he faked his own kidnapping. Oh, gosh. You know, this is not a good idea. What he the nine one one received a call from somebody who found him in his truck with his hands and legs bound, and then he claimed the two guys with a gun stole all the money. But the police were able to figure out that this was all a lie for a number of reasons among them the fact that he was not emotionally distressed in. The least also he had said that he had been kidnapped a couple of days prior. But he looked showered and clean like he had just had a normal morning and brush his teeth and shaved his face and the whole nine yards. And they were like something about this doesn't add up. Yeah. And it became clear that he had in fact staged his own kidnapping because he could not afford to pay his Super Bowl squares dues. Don't do it a lot for not alive. Right. Yeah. It is a lot for not a lot. Also. Maybe if you don't have the money to back your dumb betting system. Don't do it. Right. Because it's called gambling because you might not win. Right. Yeah. No. There's no guarantees in gambling guarantee. You're going to lose at some point. There's no guarantee you're gonna win. But I can guarantee you will lose it. Okay. Okay. That was where again, New York New York City. Okay. Can we had to? Valdez? Where would I find Valdez on the map? I believe its North Carolina. Okay. North Carolina a need to tell you about a gentleman by the name of pow Ron Elliott, and he is thirty three years old. Okay. And he did something recently. That was not smart. Okay. Which is why here and crazy stupid idiot satis WALE? So some stuff went down police were called to the downtown sports bar. It's literally the name of it the downtown. Creative that day. There was a medical call. We got a woman who's drunk having diabetic problem on their the caller said that a man had grabbed the woman out of the bathroom and was leaving with her. And so they were very concerned an officer gets to the scene along with a bouncer. They point to a truck that's leaving a parking lot. With a woman. She's got her head stuck out of the window. And she's barf in. Welcome to twenty s mostly my early twenties actually barked on the side of my friend's car once, but I paid for her to clean it after the fact because I didn't want the painter. Thank you. That was all right anyway. When the officer arrived on the scene. Oh, I already told you that they pointed in barf. They stopped the vehicle and Mr. Elliot remember, I told you about Kyle rhino. Mr. Elliot was driving. He's like, I'm taking this lady to home. You get your medicine because of bad. And they were like. Problem with that. And the problem is that you are wrong. And I feel like if she's going to die it might be because you're driving drunk. Yeah. Right. So he did tell the officer. So I am legally drunk. Our was our little attacks came vile at strive again. So help. Do they have Uber's in Valdez isn't the name of the place. I don't know if they do I'm assuming. Yeah. Guber is what they need as he. So they placed him in the back of the patrol car. Of course, now when they got to the patrol car guess what they found Mr Ryan did. I'm kinda drunk, and I get placed in the back of a car the police car what's all sand on the floor. You know, what it was? It was a bottle of fireball. Okay. I was like I was going to go down a whole different road. Oh, they he saw a bottle of fireball whiskey in the front floorboard of early scar. Begs the question, how police got a bottle of fire Bank you? I mean is that a good idea? Valdez sounds like a strange town. He well, then then the police officers like dude, we just arrested somebody they had fireball on them. Oh, so we confiscated that bottle. Different story. But that's when things got crazy stupid idiot worthy. What happened next so drunk? I in the back seat sees the fireballs wake slab. No, I'm enjoying the story gone. So they're like that's not for you. And he goes, well, I'm already drug you could share with me. And they did and they did not. Okay. But then he went on to argue that quotes hours just trying to save a life. I have some farm. They did not give him the fireboat. They did give him a trip to the clink the pokey pokey. All right for our next story. We are going to Livermore California sounds like a delightful town liver less. I would be all about now. I wanna tell you about a twenty two year old driver who was pulled over on the highway for going over ninety miles per hour. Ooh. That's that is very very fast. Get uncomfortable at speeds like that. I feel like something's gonna fall off my car. I don't think I've ever driven that please. I really don't. He was issued a speeding ticket. It was a four hundred dollar ticket because of his speed again twenty two year old driver. I believe it was a male driver. It doesn't matter actually. Because all that matters is the prefrontal cortex probably not all the way formed in this person. Meaning judgment was at a minimum. Because if you and I got a four hundred dollar ticket. We would go. Oh, jeez. What? Okay. And then we might not push the pedal all the way to the metal right after we were let go. That's not what happened with this twenty two year old driver. He took his ticket. And then he was like all right piece out officers peeled away. And started going one hundred three miles per hour. At which point eleven miles later he was pulled over again by different cop. And he was issued another tickets this time another ticket for a round somewhere between got what what's one more. He now always somewhere in the range of eight hundred to one thousand dollars, and he's got something on his record. A Representative from the California Highway Patrol also known as chess said that was an expensive eleven miles. That's smart persons. True. Right. All right. That was my best. Jessica, all right. When we come back on the Colleen and Bradley show. We are. I know me too. Was it the shorts? Yeah. Yeah. Tight pants. Eric estrada. When we come back. We're going to play that throwback live on the Colleen. That throw back live. We'll be back. Previously on Jason and Alexis. Rather have private parts that spontaneously sing or I can't even to this one. I gotta do different ones. Okay. To whatever the choice was all day. Good singer. Yeah. Not got friends in low. Bringing you everything entertainment Jason and Alexis in the morning with producer dawn on mytalk one zero seven one ready for a room makeover. 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