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Full hordes don't know if we ever saw I don't agree yeah we we've never I don't really get into it now physically now nothing I tried to fight you for a bottle of vodka one time I think and I think it yeah you were like employ the month they gave you a bottle of I think that's a great idea right before the show can pop a bottle of when he was employee of the year actually I used to work with a guy would drink vodka during the show I know you do I was a Gatorade bottles that was worked out well yeah police said a man stole a box of bagel bites were local dollar tree what do you do in ceiling from dollar tree you know all our calls please you get off the earth you know a dollar the base is a dollar how much they pay the employees a dollar each don't use a weird place if you're walking their first of all you don't feel too good about yourself when you're walking in there is a concept though and it's great but you it's almost like target except on a smaller scale like you you have a basket you walk around you got a fifty two items as long as you don't need any of it so they got into it yes we get a turtle by assaulted the manager with a with the box of bagel bites then ran to a nearby Wendy's in slapped a customer or you're in a rough day Roger bend off forty nine was arrested in connection the robbery secondary assault resisting arrest public all there we go public intoxication I've never fought anyone would save lives well your publicly intoxicated and where did this happen again in the southeast corner of our car had to be in Florida again then it's awful horrible Arkansas same thing what do you think of a public hated the Guinness book of world records are you I used to read if you like it I love it you like to get his work or abroad I want to be in it I'm not sure if I'm not sure for what skill I have you can have the longest touchdown yeah you might be able to do that Sonya Anders cranking enters Gabby Belgian man spent one hundred sixteen consecutive hours sitting on a toilet in a local bar in a bid to set a new Guinness book of world records yeah you have to do is sit there yeah I guess so the da da da da and get is doesn't have a record for longest time sitting on a toy but he was able to bass an official unofficial record one hundred hours you want to go one sixty five can only make it one sixteen if there's no record why would you go so long there is no record so you went one hundred sixteen hours nobody else is going to do that he's all this is a good one this is at a Tennessee which I I I see Jen over there and she is a she's a she's a Tennessee fan Tennessee police department warned residents not to flush their drug down the toilet or could lead to math Gators Gators cooked on math is yeah could you Matt I mean you run into a Gator anyway attacking you and then he's on math and crystal I police seize twelve grams of math twenty four ounces of liquid math and random paraphernalia flush these down the toilet apparently that's what's going on is they're they're trying to flush he sings on the toilet to get away from the cops and then the storm in the caboose pistol when I've been working over the guy either I love to write there if there is a great story about it the fishermen who were drag for two miles by a shark in San Francisco to see this whole thing now yeah they got pictures of a group of unsuspecting fishermen were left in shock when a great white shark **** their bait and drag the bone along for two miles seven fisherman Baba blah they all in fact they all live for that yeah the summer so we we could segue from the caboose devotions head he could he could jump well that's what we're gonna get more storage that guys but Derek not Mickey what's his name Derrick okay okay or under Jeez she's had that's a really good store vouches how many beers did you get involved thank them okay try that one like the woman who lived issue you can live under with prices in San Francisco you can probably read that thing up for if you read a month there well you got a little park area I haven't heard that severe sounder since the days of Scott for L. nice he was here with a diverse emoji coming up next the giants are hot what do you think about it we'll get into it next I'm.

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