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Phd candidate. Tim richards puts it. This animal quote wasn't built to eat broccoli unquote well. Fortunately for modern day. Australians it also wasn't built to survive the cretaceous period. Mr richards and his colleagues introduced a new species of tara sore. In today's journal of vertebrate palaeontology and they call it quote the closest thing we have to a real life dragon. They also specify that it was likely a fuzzy dragon. I gotta say that hasn't done much. Soften the blow of knowing this thing once existed in the world at all. still if i dig deep. I am forced to admit that they're finding prompted one of my own and in an era of seemingly constant crisis. It's a strange comfort to know. I still rather face down a proverbial dragon than an actual one told the court to use one small man giant wheel cots. But i do wish to say official that wrongfully imprisoned right now..

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