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Fair and balanced bj news time eleven oh to good morning i'm robert wood this news a service of insurance john thumping austin's news longtime death row inmate rodney reid is filed a new appeal after the supreme court this week rejected his petition for more dna testing in the nineteen ninetysix backdrop county murder of stacey steitz read has consistently maintained his innocence last night stacey out of bed state bar messed around driving off a one on the way to work that was the last time i saw reads new filing with texas court of criminal appeals claims that expert opinions that have been used by the state we're not only false but if changed over time the suspect in the fatal shooting of eighteen year old devante gross has been arrested twentyfouryearold stanley earl paid is in williamson county jail charged with the killing earlier this week there is a severe shortage of food at the hays county food bank communications coordinator mallory best tells koa news that summer is a slow time for donations but that's when donations are needed the most out of school and their parents will have to start giving them food for breakfast for lunch they're not getting the those meals in the school anymore so it's definitely important for us to have this jesus they've already started rationing food to clients and may have to cut even more donations don't increase it's a party until three for austin java to say goodbye to their barton springs location there'll be a free concert and free coffee and now.

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