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But give me neil here. I'm but look the big thing. When he was ripping off the win streaks was again he was holding served. Ninety percent of the time a little bit higher he was holding serve at the rate of john is ner and he was breaking serve thirty five percent at the rate of prime rafia. On the dollar and prime djokovic again he broke the numbers. Mathematically heading into that australian open final and then he blinked and like. There's no denying all of us saw that match and we thought he's not ready because if he couldn't beat that joke which wednesay going to do it and i do think on his head a little bit like tennis players get in their own heads. There's no denying that. And yet i mean by every metric. He beat paul today zero four-shot rallies he wants sixty six of tommy. Paul one forty three. And that's because he just throws you. He is getting that return. Pass the service line. He's getting a deep at your feet and you're not gonna have plus one opportunities against him and you know again in today's match. He did serve. Like john is ner he only made fifty six percent of his first serves but he won eighty percent of those first-serve points. When you're forty fifty on your first serve points. You're having a successful day at the office. Thirty wins against thirty. Two and four stairs isn't great. But tommy didn't have the overwhelming weapon to beat them and i think medvedev in that first set kind of locked in and you saw it in the five three service game for paul which paul was credit to him that he ended up holding. They're getting that. I set but bev extended those rallies ten fifteen shots and just was like i'm not going anywhere and if you hit the winner down the line and set up a drop volley for yourself. Bravo my friend. You just beat me. But that's what you have to do. You have to go out there and beat new medvedev into your credit. You've been on this since the beginning. That's a really hard thing to do particularly in a three hour. Five set format yet spot on because medvedev in the first set was looking to horse points. Yeah exactly. He was forcing things and he forgot. Offense is going to be hard. This is clay. When you get onto the slick indoor courts of we'll actually shang. i was gonna say shanghai. But that's outside isn't it feels inside when you get on those very medvedev ian courts that are really quick and the ball barely bounces. Deal can generate offense really easily. Yeah good luck is right. I mean he's won every single tournament in the entire stretch from the us open to the world tour finals but on clay. He's gonna have to just real back and it's going to be hard work for them but we we also we've seen him do that hard work particularly in twenty nineteen where it's like my god. Does this guy have a long or is he. A robot is cardio is insane. He needs to bring that version of neil medvedev to a clay court as soon as he flipped that switch. It was very very difficult on. Tommy no you know what they say. The more your hairline has receded. The better your cardio. I can firsthand experience. Therein deniro medvedev's too bad haircuts away from shaven that bad boy. I clear my thing. I always say my vision. I can envision that oh no the full squidward look. That'd be great for him. And like i said it when he doesn't i do it so anyways tangent for all of you on the side but no i mean yes i would echo all of your points and again is his plan a as on clay courts in particular as sexy as a c. Pastas sexy as a rude..

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