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I talked about it earlier in the week. Poker back to a football friday by the way. I i just think this is a nice early test for the broncos defensive backfield because i think that the giants did a really good job in the off season. They got kenny golladay. Their top free agent target. That was the guy they wanted for a very long time. They got him going along with john. Ross who's very fast they picked up. Kyle rudolph In the in the draft to they got another water. They went wide receiver head. Heavy kurd. area's. Tony i mean they loaded up. They want to be able to give daniel jones those weapons in his third year which makes sense. Unlike the broncos they were they loaded up everything last year with your lock in his first full year. They kinda got daniel jones golan with joe judge new new system and everything and then they started loading it up. This is the year for daniel jones of the pressure cooker. He is certainly. He is certainly in that. He's on the hot seat. I mean they have to decide if he's the guy going for. It's amazing how fast this goes. It was not long ago. That oh he's going to be the guy he's going to save us. He's going to take over where you know alive. He's gonna be our eli manning. Well the weapons might be their offense of like. I said the the offense boosted their getting barclay back. I don't know what it looks like. He is slated to play as far as the injuries go. He's listed as questionable but from everything. We've heard saquon barkley is going to play. And if he can be as explosive as he was before injury then look out but they also have devante booker and booker has had his moments against the broncos. Of course being a former bronco. You know he. They picked him up and they really like him in case barclay needs. You know you're not gonna give him a huge workload right off the bat. But there's pressure. Listen there's pressure with the giants. They at least have the okay. Joe judge our first year. We won six games and we actually were right there in the thick of it in the division. So if you're giants fan. You're feeling better about yourselves. And you're thinking we can go right here right off the bat and put together a win against the broncos they are looking at this game just like we're looking at it. They think this is a game that they can win. They got denver at home than there at washington home against atlanta those or their first three games winnable washington's defenses improved Atlanta you know. They're they should be good that sometimes. They're always surprising when they're not but this. I think this looks like an easier win for denver. I really do. I think teddy bridgewater is going to be a lot like teddy bridgewater. I don't think he's going to play outside of himself. They're going to run the ball. Really well with melvin gordon and Obviously johnny williams. I'm excited to see him. I think that that addition might take hold quickly even pat shurmur. Who was there with barclay it with the giants even said man. I could see devante williams avenue barclay type year his first year his it like barclays rookie year. So the run game will carry them. Offensively should open up a lot of things. I don't really look for a portland. Sutton or jerry judy. To go off for one hundred plus. I think it'll be spread out. Because you're really relying on melvin gordon. The d. line for the giants is certainly questionable. And i like the broncos offense flying a lot. So i think they're gonna move guys around and you know you're gonna hit you know. Maybe judy gets three or four catches for forty five. Forty five yards and a touchdown. Maybe portland sutton's at like six catches for sixty yards cage with like two or three. I could see that kind of spread out offense. I don't know that anybody just dominates especially because teddy's connection is more. Judy coralline sutton was more. I believe it seemed like he had more of a encamp anyway the way he talked and what we heard Was more of a connection with drew. Lock obviously didn't seem last year withdrew but they were good in those five games that he played his rookie season but on the offensive side. I just i think they're going to run the ball. They're going to run right. The hell at the giants with you know kind of a weaker offensive line. They lost or a defensive line. Excuse me the lost alvin tomlinson. Free agency They have some veterans. Danny shelton can't believe he's still playing austin johnson. Bj hill see. But i think the broncos have the edge there when it comes to the trenches on the defensive side again. I think the broncos should have the edge bradley chubb is now listed as questionable officially. Couldn't tell you. I mean i'd love to see if they if you could get von and chubb in the mix both healthy but this is where we are at this stage. I still like what this defense is capable of. Though i mean released on paper what we think they're capable of because they have the corner look at those corners ronald darby bryce callahan. Kyle fuller pat ser tan. And we don't even talk you talk about some of these other guys. I mean terrible news about michael. Oj moody being on the. I are just awful but you were in camp. You were like wow. They're stacked and we're not even talking about oj moody so they went deep into the into the db's and rightfully so they needed to that was a big weakness for them last year and They filled that void. I i look. I pat 'certain right off the bat to be in a lot. He's listed starter. They're gonna play. A lot of nickel-and-dime look for alexander johnson or justin stern. Ed josie joel to be out there by themselves alone linebacker. Because i think this team will be looking to. Hopefully they can just stop teams with great tackling corners. Which is what vic fangio likes e side. Chris broncos twenty four giants seven. You gotta blow out happening. Fangio handles crowd noise better than foxy. It's not a must win. People are saying must win for the broncos. I'm not going there. I said must win last week. Game one for issue different reasons. It's certainly a big game. You really need to win. It specially if playoffs are in your future and with that colefax. We'll take a break. We got the picks coming up next. I give you my big four my local teams. We talk about. I'll give you my lock of the week on the college football side and my lock of the week in the nfl. We'll take a short break. Picks coming up next. It's the whole show in a football friday northern colorado's voice one three.

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