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Radio. 1 43 back to the Rose with Kevin Brennan. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes are the tunnels behaving this hour. Also far so good. Not too bad getting to and from the airport, the Sumner Callahan tunnels as well as the Ted Williams Tunnel. You got a nice ride in either direction. If you're leaving the city on the expressway south bound, you're looking pretty good through a massive and savin hill. I am seeing some brake lights, though coming down through that east Milton Square stretch on towards the brain tree split north. About a nice ride all the way up into the tunnel through three South bound. You're looking pretty good from Braintree all the way down through the hand over stretch lower end a 1 28 93. You're alright as well off the mass pike getting down through Canton and on towards Randolph. Down on 4 95 North bound. Got about a mile back up into the work zone after exit three route 28 in that middle borough stretch heading, leaving the city on 93 North found. That's a nice ride. Getting up through stone. Um, and Wilmington. Route ones. Okay. Revere Saugus UPIN the Lindfield Tunnel up on Route three. A, though in Chelmsford Tings Barrel road. You got roadwork, slowing traffic down in both directions here between Riley Road and Route 40. This report sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month of lower speeds, digestion video at 4 80 P c t mobile dot com. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the threes and what a pretty skyline in the Boston area right now after lashing rains earlier we're seeing some cumulative clouds, not rain clouds. Bright sunshine blue.

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