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We break it down with the game and more. So with BSN avalanche writer Adrian dater. Good morning. Adrian. Good morning. Mike Reiss with this as well. So accent. We are excited about this hockey season. But it always seems to come earlier and earlier but looking at what the avalanche did last year. I'm sure the stakes are risen in the expectations are higher for this team as well. Talking to every player in the locker Monsieur goal is, you know, while they will say, the word Stanley Cups. Too easily put slow out of their mouth. The the goal is to not only get back to the playoffs but get further into the playoffs this year, and that is going to be the expectation the Lancer a young team that that has a lot of talent. And yeah, maybe expectations barely mad at a couple of veteran pieces that should help things and goaltending. So the there really is no reason why they can't exceed what they did last year. Let's talk about the goaltending Varlamov net tonight. How do you feel about that choice and the overall goalie situation for the ads? I think it's good. I think some Inbar Lamar is eight year. Now, it's time. It's flown here. It's a eighth year. He's only thirty though, I think he's earned the right to get the start tonight. He was hurt last year entering the playoffs. Never got to play the play offs. I think you know, it's out of respect. It's also out of you know, about he's learned that he he'll he deserves. This the backup this year Philip group our acquired from the Washington Capitals. Do gotta Stanley Cup ring from just a few months ago, and he's a young guy on German guy who who considered it up and comer has quite proven himself yet fully. But the I'm always thought enough of him to give him a freer contract. I think he'll be a likely heir parents have Varlamov pass this year. And I think this year they're going to split the time fairly leave. I think Farley's earned start. He's gotten flight Adrian, what are the possibilities of the Avs finding? Really another legitimate scoring line to kind of tuck in behind the land is Scott MacKinnon line at number one. Well, the entire you know for preseason on the entire worrisome, not worried something. But the the thing that's going to separate this team from being a winner. And it's gonna come down probably to how much scoring they can get past that first line. And a lot is going to be on that second line now. Wait fan right now Heison Geos the youngster from North Dakota. It's gonna be a second line center. Alexander Kirkwood from Harvard scored nineteen goals here. Here's the second line left wing right wing little bit of us worry right now, they're going to go with an older veteran, Colin Wilson a bad year last year. But he does have some, you know, winning experience than he ten play well when he selfie so. It could be by committee there to the right wing job for a while. The third and fourth lines don't overwhelming with offensive talent. But you know, they've got just enough. Maybe to be a respectable group to score hopefully enough they also are gonna get quite a bit of scoring. I think from their defense so decree is how many calls can they score this year their give back goaltending. Enough support. We know top line is dynamite. Right. Yeah. It is. It is all about that secondary scoring right now. And it hasn't proven itself yet. But I think there's there's reason for hope they're hockey is back and we're excited about it. BSN avalanche writer Adrian dater. Thanks adrian. Guys. I get it. All right. Take care as we continue. Our sports conversation right now.

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