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Million dollars for the project with the new money the west wing shelter and services would expand to a second floor and provide behavioral health services for up to one hundred single men starting next July one person has died in what appears to be an industrial accident in Seattle around nine thirty this morning the fire department responded to a report of rail worker hit by a train car near west marginal way south west north of the South Park neighborhood medics were unable to save the man Seattle police say the investigation will likely be turned over to the state department of Alan high traffic backed up for solid for a dozen miles earlier today on northbound I. five between laci and JV LM Kamose Carly Johnson reports the initial call for help came in around one forty five this morning save the troll responded to north I. five near the Berkeley except for a semi truck trailer burning a couple of hours later a chase enters the scene around three fifty fifty county deputies got pursued with a vehicle and ended up on the northbound I. five that pursuit ended up terminating just prior to this scene server Ryan Berk uses the fleeing SUV driver kept going and witnesses say he was reading about seventy miles an hour up through the burning semi truck seen additionally slamming into a DOT trucks than continuing up we had a patrol car to fire trucks and another driver for that as TV was mangled up but not drivable the male driver female passenger bulls badly hurt so was a dog in their car but incredibly no one else was injured amazing nobody else's hi five clogged up all the way back to laci all the alternate routes were also very slow going your JBL M. Carlene Johnson como news coming up on come all right Harris at Seattle children's hospital where we've learned of more mold infection deaths going back eighteen years for we check on our Tripoli traffic with Maria rock injure him finally seeing some improvement northbound I. five from that collision Carlene was talking about a JBL and they managed to get the right lane opened it main gate were slowly seeing traffic moving now the backup is still out of laci so that's still going to be tough but it is starting to improve once you get just north of the dupont still come rode slowly but surely and things are still tough anyon because of people trying to avoid at five so that's why it's tough on five oh seven Indy on north of rain here and then slow also on highway five ten into your home as well it's quite difficult south on I five from Lake City went to downtown Seattle southbound four or five crowded from northeast dates to coal creek parkway north on I five a sluggish about like tears from the county line up towards the older would area we do have problem northbound I. five on ramp from four oh five an old where there's a collision partially blocking that ramp northbound canyon bird bottle ever highway in the canyon park area just south of one ninety second there's a collision in the right lane your next come much traffic at two fourteen weather today from subway nineties guys and rain that's or to deal with today as that mostly cloudy sky stretches on into let's call it tomorrow too.

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