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The comedy store was launched in nineteen seventy two by Sammy and a writing partner within two years, ownership was handed over to shores ex wife Mitzi couple divorced source family says he died of natural causes. He his home, ninety two in Las Vegas. His son Intel comedian polisher has written a tribute to him on Twitter, saying that his father lived to the mazing life and promises to carry on his dad's legacy. Researchers at UC Irvine. They're in the midst of some very interesting clinical trials ready for this. They're using video games to help rehabilitate stroke victims. At. For those behind this study. The thought of using video games as an exercise made a lot of sense. Our focus has been an arm movement and leg movement. Whenever you play video game. There's lots of movement going on your all g professor Stephen Kramer of UC Irvine is heading up. The study. Watching somebody sit in the same chair and play video poker in Vegas for six hours, without budging. To do that with their ours. If you can make it a fun game. You're going to have our movements and leg movements. Driving games or video poker, or whatever it may be. Professor Kramer says doctors use video conferencing to check up on their patients while they play video games like blackjack and duck hunt. He says stroke patients are improving their motor skills and are able to do so in the comfort of their own homes cuisines. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio CVS sixty minutes since nineteen eighty nine longtime and Steve cross last broadcast. Aired tonight there are still some things I'd like to do that. I haven't done. I'm not getting any younger I wanna leave while I still have all of my marbles the energy to enjoy life in the curiosity to pursue some different things. And he said all that at seventy three years old. Freeway and the five leash park, we've had problems there all night long. We still have problems there and of course, still problems at the airport to at LAX of those stories coming up for you and just two minutes. We check traffic forty five. Short and stout. Here is my handle when he.

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