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So he's going to be out a while now and the Yanks likely going to bring up another pitcher, call pitcher bag, unless they already did it, and I missed that I didn't think I didn't think I heard that in the post game. But it sounded like Susan Sweeney were saying, Boone, made it sound like he was going to not necessarily replace maven with another outfielder but either way just said to see maybe go down, not like the anger is gonna miss anybody. Has anybody you didn't even hear about Giancarlo Stanton tonight, not at all? Over the cleanup hitter goes, oh, four struck out three times. Three on base doesn't matter because the game when they get to two run homers from two of their better players, get a great pitching performance from this starter and their bullpen. That is a well rounded loaded. Ballclub. The Mets are the opposite of that, but they did fight today and boy, you have to love, Jeff McNeil. I mean another to the guy, he's a hit machine. Good thing the Mets of early last year. Couldn't use that offense. Yeah. All right. We'll bring you up, and we'll give you number sixty eight as well. Don't really trust you all the guy does rake. He's that it's been here, rake homered drove in three. You have to love, Jeff McNeil and everything that he did. But you also like the resiliency of the team today. Now I'm gonna go nuts as some of the people. You know, people I see on Twitter or whatever some of the fans will wanna react in and get excited about this team. Like the Mets are now all of a sudden back in here comes the run. It's it's one win. And we've been down this road before where they beat the Braves, what was it Monday night and Tuesday night. They beat the Braves. Oh, here we go with this going to be the turning point. And then they lose that and now all of a sudden because they beat the cubs here what are they gonna happen as we go in the next two games? I mean, the Metra's aren't a very good ball club. Too many holes. And while they found a way to win a game today and you give them credit and you give the bullpen credit today which is hard to believe that the bullpen actually did the job behind Jason Vargas Vargas has had a nice year, so you give him a ton of credit. Again, that's defense sloppy with. m j you get players playing all out of position all over the field j._d. davis doesn't have position and he's trying to play third base and he he can't so while you could say these nice acquisition decent offense of player he's a bench player at best and he doesn't have a spot in the national league to field okay so that's a problem with j._d. davis and it seems like that with the mets that almost everybody has limitations that's the frustrating thing but anyway vargas gives you battles through four and two-thirds in the bullpen pounders obviously weren't to lugo day it's good one he gives it to schools in ames and then d. as i don't know how we did it but he has got it done maybe it was a phil regan they found something saying something with his full work hey look maybe a regional workout here who knows as some interesting things to say everybody seems to like him i don't think he was the difference necessarily but it doesn't seem like in hurt being a positive influence there and obviously has a lot of information share being the veteran that he is in the game and he's open to adapting to the analytics and all those different things and a spin rates and all this stuff So maybe Phil can help out with this pitching staff, and obviously pay dividends today at the very least where the Mets got the win. But look. You'd wanna look at the series, the weekend, the rest of the series, and say, well, Wheeler, and degrom on the mound, the next to, you know, why not go out there and actually try to win a road series for the first time since the first week of the year. And you heard me right. The Mets have mount won a road series since the first week of the year where they beat the nets two out of three to start the year. And then they swept the Marlins that is it. They've had a couple of splits, but mostly wall than along the way it is now the end of June and the Mets have not won a it is the end of June. I'm saying it again to you because I'm trying to say it again to myself to comprehend this, the end of June and the Mets have not want a road series road series not sweep a series not back to back road series. They won a road series since the first week of the season. That's a problem. But you look at the pitching matchup and say, look, I mean, base should at least get a split, but you hope to maybe wanna series, take two three then maybe you could start to get excited as they inch back toward five hundred. But I just think at best this ball club is a five hundred club right now. They're four under. So clearly I've been playing even at their best Robinson. No hidden thirty even Conforto with his rocket today. And that was a rocket of a home run to tie the ball game in the sixth inning. He's only hidden to sixty. I mean Michael Conforto hitting fifty points higher so that one guy, it's not just bad defense. Not just bad bullpen. Not just bad coaching. It's all around. I mean outside of MacMillan Alonzo, and even Alonzo over three today with excuse me, over four with three strikeouts. He's not the perfect player either, but been great cannot even where everybody's at home runs. All are not created equally and Alonzo hit some bombs any it some big home runs to. He's been great McNeil's great outside of that. You know the rest. But a good day. Nonetheless for New York baseball on a beautiful day, watching the Mets this afternoon at Wrigley beat the cubs and the Yanks taking care of business against the Houston Astros at the stadium good day of baseball, New York. And then the capper is capo Cocco the Rangers number two pick overall finally the Rangers, I don't know if I've been as excited about a Rangers team as an right now. I watch ninety four, but and that was exciting for different reasons the Rangers of building this thing up, and there's reason for excitement when you have a star like this with a number two, peg guy who by all accounts is going to be an absolute stud in the NHL. I've been dreaming about a player like this for years to come for years. Devils get their guy with us. You pair him with hersher Nico hersher from last year? And you know they're going to be exciting as well. And the islanders again, taking winger homes from who I know nothing about to him watch twenty-third or something like that. We'll get the we'll get all the info on the draft a little bit later. We'll have guest on the draft analyst, because, you know, I'm not breaking down the NHL prospects in the draft. But you're not know about us, and Cocco, we'll get some more info on them and also homes from as well a little bit later on, but your calls right now. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six you're actually on the other side. We'll take a quick break, and then we'll get tomorrow at the update. Sal licata them, be back with you and your phone calls..

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