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Uh single mom guatemalan didn't have any money and she was his tells me every one told me to get the free lunch for my daughter she's and she's always she says me i don't want them feeding her i wanted to feed are so i got up earlier like she took pride in it lane but but the powersthatbe this sort of thing where it's like you get in a car accident everyone tells you to sue somebody i hate those people shut up you are ruining our society of your stupid advise maybe the person has a lawsuit maybe that don't you don't need to force them to we don't need another lawsuit we don't need and more more more more people filing through the system because this guy's got a bumper that needs to be repaired and the same with the school meals let the parents do it or let the school duo bill let's are trying to talk people into it sits it's like when she let the kit guy will let me try basalt it's horrible i ate everyone i hate them the the people i hate the most of the people that hate me for saying this is a bad idea because dates spin it into adam doesn't think children should eat adam wants to starve shelter headline so what was the next doors briefly they cbs osama did investigate the boeing dreamliner fire scene of the battery fires that were happening and we dug up just an amazing whistle blower who had had some information on this year's before a fire had actually burned down a plant wednesday tested these prototypes we had video the fire we showed his testimony which was document in court to former in tsp federal safety official who said this is the smoking gun we got both sides of the story wrote the script everybody loved it and that story never aired memory and it was stopped scheduled for evening news and stopped and then it was scheduled for weaken news because you could pitch at the different stories they were like why wouldn't they want this this is awesome.

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