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Green lake neighborhood this morning. Officers found him sitting on a bench near eighty fourth and Aurora with a bullet wound in his chest. This man lives nearby disturbing. What's going on Seattle? Now it's kind of scary. The man later died at the hospital just last month. There was a murder near ninety six and Aurora. In this case police have not said what led to the shooting or who pulled the trigger have you noticed? This is that have gone up recently on public restrooms in Tacoma, all single, occupancy restrooms in that city. Now must be labeled. Gender-neutral more from komo's Carleen Johnson. As of June the first every single occupancy public restroom has to display gender-neutral, sign edge that goes for public schools hotels restaurants. Bars theater stadiums anyplace open to the public Tacoma city council passes ordinance late last year at the urging of the human rights commission and Pierce county pride at work councilman. Ryan me, lo which seems like such a simple issue around labeling a bathroom and walking through those doors about what it means. How absolutely impactful that is to, to gender folks in our communities, according to a twenty fifteen survey by the National Center for transgender equality fifty nine. Percent of transgender people say, they have avoided using public bathroom for fear of confrontation, the multi style restaurants can still be for boys or girls. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Governor Jay Inslee who's also running for president will be in Seattle today for some non campaign events will tour Google training and education center programs part of inlays career connected Washington initiative, as after noon, the governor of a host Twitter about his two thousand nineteen legislative agenda. He will also join a conversation with healthcare leaders about public healthcare options. Ryan Yamamoto beginning soon, you'll be able to get a doctor's help to end your life sooner the rule changes likely coming to the first state that passed death with dignity. More from komo's Brian Calvert. Washington was the second state were voters said the terminally ill had the right to take their own lives with the help of Dr the program was modeled after the first state to do, so, Oregon, and while the rules and waiting periods remain the same here. Oregon lawmakers just passed. Provision speeding up the process in certain circumstances. Now awaiting a governor's signature is a rule change that declares if you only have fifteen days to live the waiting period for your doctor assisted suicide request is just forty eight hours. Opponents say the shorter waiting period leaves terminally ill, and elderly patients open to manipulation coercion, Representative Rachel Prusac, who also works in hospice care disagrees, saying the toys to pursue assisted suicide is not made lightly. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Komo news time seven thirty nine. Sports on the way and the answer to today's. Did you hear five our T with.

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