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Be a database right Publishing, platform and it was twelve rows. The attention of the World Health Organization and UNICEF stuff as they published a report on anti vaccine sentiment eastern. Europe claimed that my sight was one of the reasons why there was misinformation all we were doing was collecting research on unintended adverse affects vaccines and putting our site in that that's when I was like. Wow, really like I'm just simple guy here with a log in a little project, and you can report on it at a global level of threats and our Z.. which made what's unfolded at? This was a Magenta. Decades in the made, whilst they are I wanNA. Come back to the book and talk about the regenerate prescription, and this is just such a great area that really enjoyed going through, and there's actually four phases to this and the first one. I found really interesting, which is where we take one to three days, and we're actually just going to consume apples as food and we're GONNA drink clean water so when somebody's going through this prescription. Why are they starting there? Okay so it's sort of called Rx only because if you look at what the original meaning was, it was French in. It represents pretty much like a culinary formula. So that the original prescription are expert excrete. Culinary. Dacian by. Just wanted to clarify that I certainly not trying to tell someone to take apples for prolonged periods of times other than to start. Introducing the concept of eating raw food on the basis, and in some cases, skipping a meal star, and having like getting apple set to be super, super invigorating, and can help to generate a type of regenerative healing effects that only experience to really understand so for me. I've gone on on what you call mono diets like. Were you just eat apples four to three days and for me? I can tell you. You I saw just incredible. We cents because unlike going a water fast there isn't this deprivation occurs the idea behind eating an apple. Is that if you're really hungry, your body really needs to Tricia. You're probably GONNA win another one and you can eat as many as you want. The sort of self nominate, but there's a point reach for like when I really hungry, or is there by creating something. One of the more foods that we'd love to get in the West Life. You know space crackers. And many people don't realize this, but there's a lot of morphine Mike. Activity in weeks due to Glenmore. FEDS and glue next orphans which are opioid molecules at. Studer cows not is that it contains morphine, which is similar in terms of stimulating this attentive. Don Response. So when you starting apples. You'll really know if you're hungry, you'll you another one but most people will realize Slav hungry, and what's interesting. Is you start to see that you saw was hunger? Site more. Feeling in your stomach goes away and that's when you start to connect to different types of nutrition because a large part of my book. To introduce people and understanding of Basic Selah bioenergetics that accounts for or the new discoveries of what you can call the new biophysics. When she said our body extract energy from chlorophyll, water melon, and even directly from the quantum vacuum, and that's not accounted for within conventional models which focus more on the website, right and eight oxidation and fermentation. So this is what's so exciting to really understand the new biology special experience it in your own body, as dogs understand that you actually have access to what some have called. A cosmic stream of nutrition is different than the earth want so that's one of the reasons wise. Trying the Apple Mono Diet okay well. You went into quite a bit there including chlorophyll and Melanin. Anna WanNA take some time to go deeper into some of this. Let's start with chlorophyll and in your book you talk about how we consume chlorophyll ache. It's taken up by the medical, Andrea. Then we use energy from the sun with that chlorophyll to create energy. Have you dig into? This is such an interesting and profound. Discovery she doesn't sixteen. In the Journal of Science studies publish at showed mammals taken a metabolite of clerval acronym GB, goes into the Mitochondria and enables. Totta get Reggie and converted into ATP so basically. The KREBS CYCLE GETS more efficient. There's orders of magnitude higher hd production as well as the younger species. The burning that happens when you basically produce energy. To cause damage also doesn't increase the way you would expect with increased. Production so in the model, the US you know we were they to feed an animal clervoy. Expose it to lights. It would actually increase lifespan, but as you basically didn't record. All need to lighten to decrease less fan. SOC is very interesting, because for the longest time we were told that we are headed. Folks can only by eating other things and you know this is enshrined its Orthodox Paleo Gene, and then you have the other side, which is you know the those sit there and absorb the photonic.

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