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Three W. D. G. K. it's a touchy subject one we're gonna have to deal with here's Jim Clinton township on the patriots hi Jim and about but generally used to be the several tags but with the people in our country where the minutes penalty suing them plus see countries all around the world several large people and had their economies crash server disaffected I I can see anything but China is going to step up and say we're sorry we're going to do all we can if they try to hunker down and try to avoid this well with the master mind of other countries around the world they represent a chance in a war if you could just see that the states but I can't imagine the other countries just sit this out I thought that the the the media back when the Soviet Union was going strong for always trying to find ways to prop up the the Soviet Union and denigrate anybody did that put them down I don't make a mess they could they could they could be World War three or in academia where they they supported the communist system if you have a lot of people yeah it work Jim here your phone's breaking up again I'm sorry I can't let it go on but you you made a good point used you seem to think that the other countries are going to jump in and I disagree with that I don't think they will I think they'll sit back why should they jump in they don't need to they can sit back and watch the United States either win or lose so I I I think we we we label some countries that are nice to us and and that seemed to be nice to us and we will label them with altruistic and intentions that simply aren't there that's my opinion but I appreciate your call eight hundred ninety three ninety three eighty five years Duggan warm on the page hi Doug go ahead Hey Sir how are you today I'm well thank you awesome no I I think we should stand up and like you just said I don't believe the other countries all contribute either you know they'll stand back and see what we got the and to go from there but I don't think they'll joined in like you use that but we can go along to get along and keep doing it and keep getting treated like we've been getting treated or we can stand up and I think it's time to stand up and if you have ever seen have you ever seen in the history of the world a country that is as powerful as we are that gets kicked around as much as we do no I never absolutely not and I know you have other callers I just wanted to make my point but you're absolutely right and I got was this country and god bless president trump and I give him all my support because he's the only one that's done what we just said you gotta stop insanity it just got to stop the bleeding like in the military stop the bleeding yeah so that's all I have to offer my friend hi Doug I appreciate your call thanks very much for joining us here on the patriot there's another little question I wanna throw in on the side that I think needs to be discussed what role in any of this the settling of all this what roles talk radio gonna play because you look at all the other mediums or media however you want to say that that are available to get the cases out get the news out and so forth which media I'm radio television ain't comic books newspapers well comic books that's those are synonymous all the other guys media which one what out shine talk radio as bringing the truth as bringing the real picture of what's going on think about that one for a minute because I try to think about it and I suddenly maybe puff up a little bit because they're really in my opinion there is more there isn't one medium in the world that you can comma for the truth more then talk radio is there and how do you tell well one way is by how hard left fight our telephone number eight hundred nine two three W. D. T. K. that's eight hundred nine two three ninety three eighty five we'll continue with more of your calls should we take China to task over the corona virus or should we let this one slide also as we have done so many times in the past here on FM one one point five KM fourteen hundred the patriots the folks at Marvel mitigation services are ready and waiting to talk to you about home disasters disasters that you've had around the house I mean they didn't stop during this crisis and they're not going to what they want you at Bible to know there are some things that they're not going to be doing now they'll continue to answer calls and get right there on things like water damage and fire damage because both of those the water damage the the fire damage with the smell and all they continue to get worse as they just sit and water is really the worst because it just really keeps going and can ruin precious family heirlooms and items or precious business papers and and other things that you have stored and you don't even know what's happening because you can't see it but mumble mitigation services has the people and the technic technical stop the machinery to get in there and see what you can't see and they're happy to do that during the crisis now they're not going to do things like mold mitigation and other things that aren't real urgent because they don't want to expose people and that some of the that they put that in a file and come back when the quarantines are lifted and so forth and I'll take care of it so you can at least be in line for the service but the other things they will do and they just wanted you to know that how they.

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