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Businesses so this is a pretty big a store surveillance video shows hill and grey inside the store a third man on that video was still at large ken riggles kwjr jr new apparatus court is giving the parents have an eleven month old boy on life support time to provide evidence as to why they should be allowed to take him overseas for experimental treatment correspondent aaron mclaughlin says tensions between the parents in the hospital are high it was a dramatic preliminary hearing here at the royal courts of justice at one point chris guard charlie father only yelled out in courts when are you going to tell the truth was directed at the legal counsel on great ormond street hospital the same hospital trading son wjr news time 603 let's check out sports with steve all right marie homerun derby miami last night giancarlo stanton the defending champion goes down in the first round but erin judge of the new york yankees he is not the overcome by expectation he is a matter of fact joins mark mcgwire the naughty to a ken griffey of the 94 mariners as the third player to be leading the majors in homers at the all star break and win the derby now the idiot allstar game marlins park miami seven thirty tonight chris sale on the hill for the american league the former tiger mac shares are on the hill and the nationals all the best to our tigers participating michael former and justin upton how 'bout jills muller upsetting rafael nadal in a fiveset marathon at wimbledon roger federer and eddie murray both reach the quarters with straightset victories meanwhile milady side number one angelique kerber eliminated in wimbledon's round of sixteen steve courtney wjr sports traffic and weather first on the fives with dana coming up this is eli zerit and mrs detroit we stand for cars we created most of the worlds i konica brands and none more so the lincoln with the rich history that in fact leads fracking sadly 100 years that i think seventeen henry lille enrolled the first ones out nineteen thirty nine a tunnel little was introduced and small the auto industry's personal luxury car segment that's history and comes alive who mac ernie starlink and he was a of light cuddle at one point on twenty five years from.

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