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To hear real debates share real solutions and converse freely. This year's theme as the wild west time of liberty and opportunity or a time of energy in violence. Maybe both go to freedom fest dot com. Lesch F, T L and get your tickets now. Freedom fest dot com slash F. T L. Not convinced yet. Hey, I understand. It's a high invent even with coupon code. F. T. L E, be sure you're likely to receive investment advice that will make that some seem paltry. But I have something special for you. Go to freedom fest dot com slash F, T L, and you'll get the five best speeches from last year for free. Call it a test drive. Do yourself a favor and go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T L, freedom, fest dot com slash F. T L use coupon code. F T, L E for a discount. To the latest episode free talk live, presented by sickles CA. I downloaded for free at freetalklive dot com. Talk live, eight fifty five four fifty free. That's our toll free number eight five five, four five zero three seven three, three or hit us up on discord. You can find out more about that at discord dot freetalklive dot com. You can also watch us. Wow. What a concept watch a radio show that could be entertaining as entertaining as the faces on is has entertaining are two faces could possibly be. Well, there is try to we try to be. We try to be a little animated, but you can find out more about that at twitch dot freetalklive dot com or at D live in new platform. That's getting a lot of traction de live dot freetalklive dot com..

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