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Percent off that's LifeLock dot com promo code savage your your W. Z. F. G. three day forecast from weather always G. dot com clear skies are expected across the region for tonight with the low cooling into the upper fifties living in tier one say pulled a blue skies and sunshine will be on top highs approach the lower to mid eighties and then also given the Thursday sunny skies return with a high temperature near seventy eight finally for Friday clear skies seventy seven from the flight weather center I'm meteorologist Derrick Coleman on eleven hundred the flag currently at seventy two by local state local that's a big deal when you shop like big deals not only are you supporting local business self everything is always on sale at the plate we've got something for you skip the hassle of parking it and even mine goes where you go it's easy to shop twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year anyway eleven the flag the country this is an outdoor issues with near Roberts and North Dakota game and fish not redeveloped recollection our department does a lot of taking a fish to continue to develop your studies and a current walleye study is in its second to four years now how's it going yeah that's right the game and fish department does conduct Wally tagging and tracking of several other species of fish across the state I wanna talk today specifically about lakes Akaka we are that's the state's largest fishery our fisheries biologists are in the second year of a four year walleye tagging study the Golan skok we is the tech about three thousand walleyes per year a target fisheries biologist as more than met this year we fit just over thirty one hundred fish with those metal dog tags I'm already starting to see a few show up out there in a few pictures of anglers with some walleyes with a little bit of jewelery hanging off their lip we also do have another walleye tagging project going on in lake Josephine downing Kidder county for nearly five hundred walleyes were tagged in again to report those tagged walleye seats you might encounter stone on the game and fish department website G. F. dot in the dock of all right great stuff great K. will talk the deer gun application deadline when we come back slim chickens is a reason we had the doors on a walk and play the blues the same reason we only serve one hundred percent all natural chicken because that's the way we live there's a reason we treat you like and serve food just like you because you deserve to have and there's a reason it's made fresh when you order.

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