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The people gregory new concrete we're all warner bogey allbut good democratic congress new guard coca were proposing a word about adam purba baboucar book on inaugu wh they want word abroad one a bobble novels bigger muller we're going up i'm quicker part all of it a really central part of applicable law are worried about uh a new garage door first they're worried about our budget oh look this word word of hebron grumble loop a superpower while he was governor garage on luke i i want good for the country are guy early go to get rid of trump her car i'm gone up when it amazing jim uh uh first of all i thank you for the call but second of all your expressing an opinion i hear from a lot of people who might not have even gone out and vote people who tell me that they are trump supporters and they're never go to change opd art wilson come wrong i want him below hooper overpriced grew brian go we were concerned about you know uh you know we're all conquered by russia rod harajli dumber gregori there were worker girban our parker birthrate hour rubber guard groups are were who actually i probably admired nobody gergleitner curb allgau go oh bob all bomber given billions of dollars now overnight grabbed or a rare when you're out of your mind nobody perked barbaria grew away rebel leaders backed at a premium nobody hooked on about booth cover it for men who could vary by lobrutto gotten a republican it's become the new trump was gonna get an earlier worried about program why audubon rogatory orders were gawker manado burger those targeted or not the ones going to happen but agha there the most corrupt administration i've ever fatal bob in girban what would fabric underneath them either and the fact that braga enduring always car show an urban inaugu good mirror trump on the eib you're going to a who carlingford jinfa otherwise we be mankind worse than what we were a year ago jim thanks for the call markov new take care it it it five seven four to seven to three let's go.

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