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Level on the go. The message from Jeff Sessions to Indiana's police and prosecutors some light showers on radar seventy one now mostly cloudy rain and seventy seven the high today, I'm C J Miller. Here's what's trending at six. Oh to visit yesterday. Two d by US attorney general Jeff Sessions. He says he's worried about Vinton all not the drug will surely lead to more people dying of overdoses, if something more isn't done Ninety-three WABC's, Chris Davis report sessions at the Indiana law enforcement conference, so we're asking for increased Fenton L sentencing. And I think the federal sentencing commission is going to be responsive to that on his third visit to Indiana. He says he believes violent crime is down and he credits. Police Chris Davis Ninety-three WIBC mobile news. Republican Senate candidate Mike bronze says he's heard enough already net. Brett cavenaugh deserves to be confirmed as supreme court Justice think for hoosiers. He represents everything we're about. I think Neil Gorsuch was a very popular pick among the majority of hoosiers. And I think here the same thing democrat Senator Joe Donnelly says he won't decide until after the confirmation hearings. The mother of a two year old boy who died in Dale Ville, Wednesday nights has been arrested. Police say Jackson Stoltze was found inside a locked car outside an apartment complex and later died. His mother Brittany, Nicole. We bring is facing charges in the boy's death. Investigators say she admitted to drinking alcohol the day he died after more than thirty years as a Jane Doe a body found in nineteen eighty-five in Campbell county. Tennessee has finally been identified as Tina Marie farmer of Indianapolis. Investigators say they found her name on a blog for missing persons since she matched up through fingerprints. Detectives are now trying to find her killer. A team of computer experts led by us, president says thousands of high tech voting machines need to be replaced. I'm Eric Berman. Michael MC Ravi says there needs to be a paper record of every vote. The committee on the future of voting says statistical sampling of those ballots should be recounted after every election to confirm. The results are accurate and high school football tonight Avon's at Brownsboro Warren central is hosting Lawrence central and the big match up this evening center. Grove had been Davis that kick off at seven you'll hear the game tonight on one zero seven five and ten seventy two fan. I'm C J Miller on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com. Traffic and.

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