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Prodi like I remember like what I told you know saying Hey you don't you tell me but my son is light is crazy crazy had at hard work pay off with but the but the same with me riding it I've had people throughout my whole career is a man I will get up there do an interview one day and I still get people and I never dowdy you know Sam I never doubt because even when you were growing up probably listening to me through the radio at some point we were going to meet up in in in in your head you bye thought man I would you know I we we got rowdy reaching the lady did any of the ground already old big stop no name taxi well with that no yeah I'm not like me mon the nice thing is that a and and right in not I scanned I don't know I'm sorry she'll tell it's got a boyfriend yes not it's really to give back to I need to charge a next we need a way the big gap between us and the gang in the next life I'm trying to stay pay we got a couple really just let we might the scene with a the old way I want to change I'm always what it showing it it's a time when I.

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