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Order Doctors say they've found, yet another benefit of using aspirin and we get the details from Dr Charles Neiderman researchers from UCLA found that women with, ovarian cancer who took aspirin daily had a seventy seven percent better survival than those who did not researchers from previously found a daily aspirin is associated with a. Twenty percent decrease getting ovarian, cancer despite many benefits of aspirin. It does have a bleeding risk this is Dr. Charles Neider and. Reporting from Washington a last minute technical problem has allayed. Nassar's unprecedented flight to the sun today's launch countdown had to, be halted with one minute fifty five seconds remaining keeping that delta four rocket on the ground at Cape Canaveral with, a Parker solar probe on board the rocket maker United launch alliance as it's going to try again tomorrow provided the helium. Pressure issue can be resolved quickly once flying that Parker probe is supposed to venture closer to the sun than any other spacecraft ever has breaking news. At analysis at townhall, dot com China's exports accelerated in July slowing, showing I should say little impact from a US tariff hike while sales of the US actually rose thirteen point three percent, compared to a year ago customs data shows exports rose twelve point two percents to two hundred and fifteen and a half billion dollars that was despite Washington's imposition. Of twenty five percent duties, on thirty four billion dollars Chinese. Goods on July sixth in a dispute over technology. Growth in exports. In the US was off slightly from June's thirteen point. Six percent that was more than offset by stronger exports to, the rest of the world possibly helped by a weaker Chinese currency that is Jeremy house reporting the president's tariffs on, lumber and other imported construction materials or making it more expensive to rebuild homes lost wildfires terrorist coveted time when several other. Factors are also driving up the cost of any building materials more on these stories can be found at townhall dot com from Washington I'm Bob Agnew Larry elder explains that this, is not Obama's.

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