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In with both feet, Mr. producer in Mr. Callscreener. I want you to open your mics. We spoke during the break and, you know, you can tell me the truth about anything and they do. In let me start with Mr. call, screener you finish the book on freedom of the press. Yes, sir. Be very honest. You've read the other books, give you little critique. Well we're talking about during the break. I think this came across both as academic was definitely right on historically. So I think it could be used in the college classroom, but it's also like a primer almost like the average Joes everyday understanding to what's wrong with the media today. At think you spelled it out from eight z, let me ask you this, you know, the early pamphlet tears, like pain and others in the early newspapers. I tried to kind of follow that kind of logic and flow, where they would talk about Montesquieu unlock, which I don't do here, by the way. But then on the other hand, speak with passion, speak about our principles, and that sort of thing, does that kind of come across what really comes across it does. But what really comes across as how fact-based everything was in for an opinion commentator that you are it was. There wasn't a ton of opinion in everything was backed up so well straight through the end of and you finish. The book I did. Actually, I think the epilogue was one of my favorites how long did it take you to finish the book probably three or four sittings on audio? Okay. Let me ask you, Mr. producer where are you in the book? Are you in the book the book halfway through chapter seven, so you're almost done? I am what do you think? Excellent chapter seven right now. I told you at the break, summarize perfectly the Trump collusion narrative in what is going on in that three or four or five pages. Perfect summary,.

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