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The driver ran head on into a compact car that was turning right that car hit a row of parked vehicles seven victims taking harlem hospital none of them seriously hurt sports car driver actually ran off and managed to get on the subway at one hundred twenty fifth police are still looking for him wins news time ten oh five president trump has a date but no name or his supreme court pick told reporters aboard air force one he will announce his choice to succeed retiring justice anthony kennedy on july ninth president says you considering at least five potential candidates including two women maria barreda romo fox news questioned him about one big issue are you going to ask you nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade well that's a big one and probably not they're all saying don't do that you don't do that you shouldn't do that but i'm putting conservative people on the president said to start interviewing possible candidates monday but he could meet with some candidates this weekend in new jersey wins news time ten oh six checking the official ten ten wins accuweather four day forecast as you've been hearing in accuweather we do have that heat advisory in effect starting at noon and running right to noon tomorrow and that point thank says if he watched takes effect at noon on sunday and runs right through monday evening today is going to be sunny and hot and more humid with ninety four for a high but the real feel temperatures will be nearer hundred in the afternoon just the mid eighties for the beaches warm and sticky tonight clear low seventy eight by tomorrow it's very hot and humid hazy sunshine the high ninety eight and the real field two hundred five in the afternoon monday hazy sun hot and humid but not as extreme as sunday the high ninety one real feels ninety five to one hundred tuesday hot and humid with sunshine and the high still in the nineties ninety two degrees right now we're at seventy nine degrees fahrenheit going up to ninety four in midtown weeds us teno six no that wasn't new jersey us senator bob menendez no congratulations actually that was comedian stuttering john melendez of stern show fame pranking president trump yesterday getting a callback from air force one melendez told cnn he didn't expect to pull this off amazes me since he's talked to me well over twenty times that he did not recognize that it stuttering john a guy who he's listened to on the stern show for years i have the worst long island accent known to man and how he cannot know that that is not a real senator is beyond me white house isn't commenting so far wins news time ten oh seven rowing calls for the abolition of ice or major changes to the immigration enforcement system from several democrats with presidential ambitions new york's junior senator kirsten gillibrand became the latest saying isis become a deportation force in saying it's time to get rid of it and start over california attorney general javier sarah says instead the agency should be reformed what we don't need is violations of human rights we don't need violations of constitutional rights we don't need children's separated from their parents that's not america i think you can undo the illegality the immorality without undoing agency that must do the work of a sovereign government and so we need to have immigration enforcement we need to have customs enforcement we just need to make sure it's done right all of this with nationwide protests planned today against the trump administration separation of families at the border more than six hundred marches explained across the plant across the country even in places like appalachia in wyoming in the city to keep families together protests is getting underway right now in jackson heights queens wins news time teno eight remembering a lifetime in music edward simon's conducting the concert for remembrance on september tenth 2017 last year when he was one hundred years old guinness hasn't yet certified the pomona man's record but the current listing for oldest conductor is a ninety nine year old so simon's the longtime violinist and teacher died tuesday at age one hundred one he led the first concert for remembrance no two and said last year i'm enjoying the fact that at my age i'm enjoying all the details of this what i make the orchestra play the violin is to perform with him off until the journal news simply ed was music wins news time eight well international soccer tournaments might try nothing rallies the world together like chicken wits so we're doing our part to bring nations together with five traditional wings for just.

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