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Is the baseball tonight podcast for Thursday, June twenty seven two thousand nineteen. I'm BUSTER only over London. Back in Bristol Troy Farkas, Josh macrey and guys on the proud alum today. The Vanderbilt Commodores getting it done again. Absolutely. Yeah, congratulations in the world to, to the team because you didn't really do anything BUSTER. But they earn it knows a dominant win last night. I was watching the game. I was excited to watch it. I was pulling for the wolverines because I wanted to give you a hard time this morning. But man Vanderbilt came out firing, and got a big win. Nice nice win by them. It was such an emotional victory for me. You know as the moments one out just to clinging to my lucky Vanderbilt hat. No. That's not what happened. Here's exactly what happened. My flight to London on Wednesday evening scheduled to leave at seven PM, and so you figure because it's the twenty first century you're going to get on a plane and you probably going to be able to watch the game. And you probab-. Ably. If you can't watch the game you certainly gonna follow it on the internet. So get on the plane, no television, no WI fi service. So couldn't follow the game in any form or fashion and land in London. And they tell you don't turn on your phone intil after the plane actually gets to gate turn on my phone, and I got all these text messages thanking -gratulations. That's how I found out about. It was a little anti-climactic, but still pretty cool slightly. Yeah. It's too bad. You weren't on the team planes that the Red Sox and Yankees had seen some video from that. And boy, it looks like they're flying in a mansion just incredible incredible services that they have there, but you not so much third class, citizen BUSTER..

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