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He just said it possibly tens of thousands of lives are at stake because of what Donald Trump did we we can assume at least five to ten thousand most likely this is a huge deal okay guys yeah I know we talk about the Democrats the Republicans going at it trying to impeach Donald Trump we'll talk about the Ukrainian situation an update on that this has nothing to do with politics Republicans agree many of them including Lindsey Graham by the way you won't find a bigger trump supporter than Lindsey Graham make no mistake about it Donald Trump just made probably the biggest mistake since he started this presidency in withdrawing these troops from Syria you heard it from this gentleman tens of thousands now lives are at stake because the president decided to withdraw interest in the issue is it's gonna look like it's a favorite food because food when's it doesn't cost you the US a lot of money to have these troops here these troops are not dying it's a statement or like you said in the end it's gonna make even if it's not it's gonna make it look like he is he is giving Vladimir Putin and Russia a favor because it's gonna help them the most certainly that is what he's done I mean I mean it does look like why what what else would be the reasoning here I and I and a thousand troops that's what point zero said that's like Elizabeth Warren's native American heritage proportion to the actual troops United States military there aren't there aren't costing a lot of money that are not actually fighting you know why why withdraw them and I hate to compare this to you know the elections in two thousand twenty but this is one thing that really could turn a lot of people on Donald Trump Lindsey Graham is or is already started that and there's plenty of others plenty of other Republicans have spoken out about that I think this could be worse than Ukraine in the grand scheme the grand scheme of things because trump ran on we're gonna we're gonna bomb that but we're gonna bomb the hell out of ice and they did that but they received help in doing that another saying all you just helped us we're done with you that's how that that's not how this war this guy knows exactly at work like this guy knows exactly what is going on on the ground and he said it himself that this is a shot in the arm for ISIS this is a boost for ISIS this is a home run this horrible and you know how is this going to continue you know what is how is this going to continue what I mean when I meet at that is this is going to get worse one if we find out and I hope we're all wrong on this one but if we find out that tens of thousands of innocent lives are lost because of a decision by the president of the nicest look this would be the first time that a president has made a horrendous decision I go back to George W. bush and the Iraq war which in my opinion was also a horrendous decision but this would be the first time that a president is made a horrible decision where many people lost their lives but this is such a simple thing it makes no sense to me this is so simple to me okay you can make the argument going into the Iraq war we thought there were weapons of mass destruction name me a logical reason why you withdraw under a thousand troops in this type situation it makes no sense at all to me except for the fact that yes you're right JD he's trying to do once again Barbara Putin a favor even if he's not it's really hard to make it there to to make the argument that he isn't because it just doesn't there there isn't a lot of logic behind it because again it's not a lot of troops they aren't even active and the cost the military is minute in the grand scheme of things these are our allies these are people that are on our site war who have helped us recently very recently these are our allies these are our friends how do you again how can you defend this I've heard some ridiculous people you know talking about this Ukrainian situation I've heard some ridiculous excuses for that how can I would love to hear anybody try to excuse this what is the president's reasoning for this one guys I mean give me a break here this is this is this is really bad anyway we appreciate get a year does it and you know reporting live and giving us some information and what's going on there obviously this is bad this is a very very very bad situation make no mistake about it we're gonna continue to monitor it and speaking of bad situations for the president of the United States there been some Ukrainian arrests to people that are very close to Rudy Giuliani to associates who helped him on the Ukrainian situation on campaign finance charges they have been arrested we're gonna get continue to monitor this situation this is not good for Donald Trump this is not good for Rudy Giuliani and then we have all these polls that came out and Donald Trump you know once again he lies he he tweets yesterday that in all my god twenty five percent of people think that I should be impeached you know many call the fake you know fake news and a fake story first of all it's not twenty five percent of quote on quote people it's twenty five percent of Republicans but the president didn't put that in there over fifty percent of Americans think the president should be impeached both Republicans and Democrats that is a fox ball also learned that twenty five percent of Republicans want the president impeached not twenty five percent of Americans the way the Donald Trump tweeted yesterday and lied to the American people twenty five percent of Republicans do we not understand the difference there that is a huge difference and it's a very high number that means one in four Republicans think the president should be impeached right now even before all the rest of the information is out there and again that's not a liberal Paul that is a fox poll that came out and I think you know when you what right now if if it's twenty five percent it's just gonna get higher it's not gonna drop more than half of Americans think the president should be impeached both Republicans and Democrats you tell me one in four Republicans want to impeach and that's even if he's not impeach that's not going to affect the presidency the elections in two thousand twenty that is an extremely high number this story is not going away now we got these arrests these Ukrainian arrest these two associates too you know Rudy Giuliani who now is made the decision is only to do interviews on fox news is not gonna go on anywhere else because he doesn't want to be tested by the way we have Michael of an IT coming on the show tomorrow will continue to monitor this story and talk about this we've got Mister X. coming up in the ten AM our talk to him a little bit about what he feels about that but this latest I I have a feeling he's not to defend the president's decision to withdraw troops in Syria I have a feeling he's not gonna be defending it because some of the stuff like I said sponsors were about Republicans big supporters the president including Lindsey Graham have been not only outspoken but extremely outspoken and talking about how the president made an enormous mistake it withdrawn these troops enormous this is what happens when you put somebody in office that does not have experience this is what happens when you put somebody in office that makes impulsive decisions this is what happens when you put somebody in office that might wanna be doing favors to evil murderous dictators abroad in this case Vladimir Putin this should not surprise anybody because Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Rana stage together and he sided with Putin over our own CIA Vladimir Putin has cited on the world stage when it came to Kim Jong moon when it came to the auto warm beer murder because they murdered that poor kid Vladimir Putin is an evil murderous dictator and for the life of me I don't understand why Donald Trump is so nice to him I've never heard Donald Trump talked tough on Vladimir Putin even one bill o'reilly interviewed the president in regards to Vladimir Putin and Donald trump's response was well we have murders here in this country think were so nice in our government that was his defense of whenever put in being a murderer this is gone on and on for a while I have no idea exactly what whatever Putin has on Donald Trump if anything but something does not make sense here and make no mistake about it the withdraw these troops is a favor as Judy said and I agree to Vladimir Putin there is no defense up that's exactly what this is you're gonna burn bridges with our allies to do Vladimir Putin a favor do you want to talk about impeachable offenses even if it's not a favor it's really hard to make it look like it is and and it's just going to cause more problems to Donald Trump it's not gonna help this is not a helpful maneuver use the term yeah I mean come on what what's the what's the rationale like what's the rational reasoning for for making this decision well he's gonna be asked that in a press conference if you eat he hasn't yet he's going to be asked and that there is no rational answer to this it makes from supporters at trump trump as a businessman but he has absolutely no tactical experience his nose for teaching experience with the military and the commander in chief needs to have that I want to talk to him itself more must think about it are we gonna take a quick break with back right after this we're gonna continue to talk about this monitor this will take your calls at two five seven five three nine six be back right after the.

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