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We are america's first news this morning with gordon deal picture being with us on this friday april twenty seven gordon deal jennifer kushinka some of our top stories and headlines the leaders of the two koreas agreed to formally end the korean war and to denuclearize the peninsula actor and comedian bill cosby found guilty of sexual assault amazon is raising the price of its prime membership to one hundred nineteen dollars a year at least ten people injured thousands evacuated after a refinery explosion in superior wisconsin cleveland browns took oklahoma qb baker mayfield as the first overall pick in the nfl draft and what the university of utah has installed for students a little weepy about their final exams full of that story in about twenty minutes ronnie jackson the white house physician who has now withdrawn his name from consideration as secretary of veterans affairs regularly handed out the sleep drug ambien and the alertness drug providential to west wing officials traveling on overseas flights his nomination has inadvertently exposed the widespread use of sleep and alertness drugs among government officials from the white house and state department to the pentagon and congress itself more from sarah carlin smith healthcare reporter at politico sarah what have you found than i have discovered over the past couple of days is that perhaps jackson's behavior wasn't as unusual as you may think or at least that it's fairly common in military circles state department maybe high level white house officials even members of congress people that you will travel all over the gopher work perhaps regularly frequently to use in particular sleeping pills or maybe health that can help you get awake after one travel to kinda compensate for their hectic work schedule so it seems like a much more kind of widespread perhaps problem of you know people really turning to drugs because of their work schedules and work responsibilities so you focused on too in the story ambien and provo jill explain what each does amblin is medicine.

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