Donald Trump, FOX, President Trump discussed on Len Berman


To to dig into the weeds he said trump is not on the woods yet so so we shall see and so anyway rudy goes on fox and friends this morning and he had this reaction to the tweets which well i sort of alluded to just now i don't see any contradiction of that last night people were indeed surprise which i think this is a tweet very valuable the president president indicates the understood it he didn't know the details of this until we know the details of it which is a couple of weeks ago maybe not even a couple of every ten days ago so juliane is saying that trump didn't know the are you know strain credulity even to you michael do you know who else was surprised member jonathan karl told us this you know who else was surprised the the the press office the press office where the president was caught off guard on these pop show was saying one of the press officers was on of fox last night after yet and he said hey i'm not a lawyer the press office in the white house anyway here's what else giuliani told fox remember when this came up october twenty sixteen i was with them day in and day out that i can't remember the details of what happened this was the one hundred and thirty five thousand i don't want to you know jimmy nine eleven hundred thousand civic auto money it's not when you're putting one hundred million dollars to your campaign it's it isn't pocket change but pretty close petty cash len it's petty cash you can't expect gallery over here barley i'm just going to ask a simple question does a strain credulity that the president had no idea what this hundred and thirty five thousand dollars he was paying michael cohen and apparently he's paid more than that he it doesn't shrink credulity they had no idea where trump's probably got he's got fixtures fixtures with these things come out of the.

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