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I mean i'm not like a really super tacky paracels using my incredibly powerful computer kennel looking forward track so to be honest. I'm no. I'm no like pour it over a million different rivera sans or anything like that. Lets some sometimes. Having a lot of options can be a little bit dwelled. And but i'm too i'm too lazy to even think about it. Love it well. How much With with the new album as love continues. How much of that was recorded in lockdown Of last year or was it anything done before it was it was written completely in the in the like the we've at the moment in the uk. We've hardcore lockdown. Which is seem situation is when we wrote the record but when we recorded a it was when things had can of lake listen to hurrell. Bet we actually. We travelled to england to make their accurate. So that's like a five hour car journey or something. We were mainstream to coordinate in upstate. New york fed man. okay yeah that was completely impossible to to do so. The dave ended up actually still producing the record. But just with a live audio stream okay and and just a constant zim lenk suggests talking to us and twenty engineer about the records about music while we were talking about the takes. Which was was trait. Trippy we we've made records with dave before so we're gonna get relationship and yeah other than having to wait a few hours for dave to get out it works completely normally. It was just like making a normal record so you can have. It was normal but it was also announced to to make expedient just aleppo bit over comfort zone. So i can i think all in all it works out well I guess i mean so. Did you have any like weird Limitations or kind of effects on the creative process that is something you would try to new. Maybe you could emulate in the future if it was a good something. I don't know i mean it's not something i would want to do again unless it was needed and As much as working on the records went totally. Fine a mess out. Dave and his family in paterson have been over there you know just and has and has placed but and and also the fact that We've got a good relationship in a long standing relationship meet easier. I think it's harder to explain to people that you don't know something over a video screen if you do know them. It's probably a variation of a conversation you've had before so it kind of your can of on the same wavelength. I i know some other bands who who were going to do the same thing but it was with a producer that never worked before sydney decided not to do it. So i think we're we're just lucky that we can have had. That had that relationship. Can kennedy. Dave like an extra member of the band at this point..

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