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If you're on the road, be careful, and there were always telling you that. But we just we just care about you taking your phone calls. We're talking about the Super Bowl. Did you love it love it? Did you love all the commercials. Did you love the halftime show, by the way, the wardrobe malfunction at the halftime show was his name KENDALL. Adam Adam LeVine. He took off his shirt. I had to turn away KENDALL. I had to turn away. I I don't know. I was outside at that point. Yeah. It's okay. For him to take off his shirt. Oh, you were outside that point. I was just trying not to fall asleep. Right. I understand keep the blood pumping get up walk around man, robs truck driver. Hello, rob. Hey, Pat, how you doing? I'm good. How are you? Real good. Yeah. I wanna like in yesterday's game too much anticipated date. And I set the scene for you. Maybe light a fire. Get some candles going. Make sure that your pop the cork on a good bottle a cab. Appropriate meal. Van just before she arrived. Go to your medicine cabinet and make sure you got little blue pill, and you're out. You know, what that means? It means that. There's going to be like yesterday's game. No action action. No action. I. Fast. Kind of boring. Got boring. Gosh. Yeah. I grew up as a kid being Aram, San I could tell you roaming, Gabriel Jack snow dick bass, here's some force. Don't forget about les Josephson and the punter who was. Pat is Pat stud still owes stale. That's right. That's right. Right. Jack party. You betcha. And you know, I I had I had feeling that, you know, for such a high or in a fair and. Thirteen to three. Wow. Thirteen to three. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember and this is a team that scores thirty three points a game. I went back when the Rams were in Saint Louis, and they were the greatest show on turf they played Tampa Bay the championship game and ninety nine. And again that was a team that scored even more points per game than this year's Rams did which was saying something and they go into that game. I think in the gosh what in the fourth quarter was six to five or something like that. It was it's it's just it's hard to watch hard to imagine that that could happen. But hey, they put the clamps on them either that or they just couldn't get it done. I'm not sure which well, I was I was kind of hoping that for redemption. Because when the patriots started this runner, there's it was against the Rams. Yep. I was hoping for redemption me to walk away empty hearted. Yup. With you on that, rob? I just gotta ride the highs and lows keep hoping, but yeah, it's tough to get to that point. And then it's just very tough to get to that point. But here the patriots make it look like it's effortless. Yeah. Yeah. They they're well-coached rob commiserate together on this. Thank you, my friend for listening. You calling in tonight. I appreciate you. Here's our friend, Darlene with a Y colefax. Hello, darlene. Well, dining dash gave me the day off yesterday. I was all. Yeah. Essential wise. It was a great game. Was you know, but you know, if he would have been in there. There could have been a whole different game in the first half. They could have booked at wide open. I don't understand really what's going on with girly. No. I don't know. Why? I don't know. I'm kind of mystified over that. I don't really understand. I mean, this guy is such a great year. And then all of a sudden these kind of absent. Yeah. I spent the whole second half up on the stairs. And in my room. This is going to change it. Right. Like, yes. Right. Since you have like some superstition that you were going to this. Yeah. This will change. And if I just go upstairs for a second. That's what I was thinking that was I was pacing. Yeah. That you know, I didn't like the outcome. Of course. There was one funny commercial chunking milk chunky milk. The refrigerator to get some drink of milk in all these chunks kit. Finding see I'm learning my lesson on that. I should have watched the commercials. So I can relate to any of this here. I am asking about the commercials and even seen either commercials. Thought of you and buttermilk when I. Nasty. Well. Oh well. I'm glad you got the day off is it snowing up in your neck of the woods slowing. Yes. It is. Shovel the whole driveway off today. It's beautiful. Yeah. Trainings coming up. Yes. It is going to get into that right now. Thank you, though. That's very sweet. That's very sweet. Darlene. Thank you. I appreciate that. Spring training is coming up. It is indeed I need a I need a lull in the action. I can't take it anymore. I mean, I really I can't. And if you wanna laugh at me and go, hey, that's what you get for rooting for the dodgers. Rams. That's fine. I get it. I totally understand when you get teams in there. Are you get your team in the two years in a row lose-lose, then your football team in their lose, anyhow, we'll get away from that part of the less? You still have comment. But I want to tell you what I thought was the best part of the Super Bowl. Yes. They kind of the highlight. Maybe it was for you as well. We'll do that straight ahead. Monday night edition, the Powell show Facebook..

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