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The social democrats says participants have more or less agreed to a news blackout and no tweeting to help keep the talks on track even if the preliminary talks succeed it will likely be march or april before germany has a new government sunrise friday nelson reporting this is npr news this is wnyc in new york i'm should meet the best sue mayor de blasio is continuing to praise the revised right to no legislation despite concerns raised by critics the bill is intended to increase accountability by police officers but police reform advocates say a loophole in one of the bills would eliminate the need for officers to identify themselves in the most common low level stops the mayor says the department has already overhauled its policies and procedures and there is a limit to what the city council should be mandating important to say the legislation sets the broad parameters what we're trying to achieve but we don't use the legislative process to literally administer um and if you will micromanage the police department every day two prominent council members brad lander engine money williams have withdrawn their support for the bill which is expected to come up for a vote next week the new jersey legislature is considering a bill that would allow some politicians to rean role in the pension system under the current law elected officials pensions only a crew as long as they remain in the same office once they leave it's frozen and stays that way even if they are immediately reelected to a different position advocates of the bill including seats senate president stevens sweeney says it was never meant to apply to officials who moved to another public office he says the small number of new beneficiaries won't adds significant costs to the program it's cold today and look out for another inch or two of snow tonight windy snowy.

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