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But you're right once that avalanche started It just snowballed on them. It's almost like a relief pitcher, you know, you know a certain guy for whatever reason. I don't want to bring up bad memories. Remember Brad Lidge? Oh, yeah. Remember, You know how phenomenal he was, You know, And then he got taken deep by Albert pools in the playoff game. It just fell off the face of the earth for about three years before he re emerged. And I think you wanted to win a World Series. I think when the groceries with the Phillies he did, But when he was in Houston at the time, he just totally fell off of a cliff. And you see that happening with relievers, and it seems like with certain quarterbacks that seems to happen as well. There seems to be a turning point. Something happens and they lose their confidence and to a certain degree, Anthony Maybe this happened this year with Carson Wentz. You feel like you may have been a confidence issue with him. Or was he just shows shocked? Or maybe I could get a whole combination of issues. But I do think that can happen to a lot of players, especially young players. You know Carson Wentz for as much success as he had in his first year. Still a young player, and I think it messed with the mentally the fact that the team was able to win without him. And maybe you put him under pressure on himself, and all the other stuff cascading on him just turned into a giant snowball, and that's how you got the result that you got this past season. That there was some crazy reports, too, that he was changing place on purpose. How? Despite that he really had completely lost faith in Peterson's offense, which, by the way, I thought was horrible anyway. I mean, I can't really blame to an extent. By what do you do? And let's play a little musical Church of golf. Who's a mess went? Who's a mess? You have the shore watching who's legit. You have Matthew Stafford, who's legit. So when you think about musical chairs and musical quarterbacks, and I'll give you somebody else that I think teams should look at on your squad Mario to Yeah. Would you trade for Mario? I know I would think of looking trade for Mario to Yeah. And if the Raiders don't trade him, they're probably going to cut him because his cap numbers really, really high and you can't have. I believe cars cap numbers about 27 Million and Murray orders is about 11. You're not gonna be a backup quarterback $11 million, so they're going to figure something out with that. But, yeah, he's someone worth a look. Um, I wasn't a big fan of his as a starter the last few years in Tennessee, he had a good spot start for Derek Carr, or when Derek Carr got injured came in and played well, I don't know if he's someone I don't necessarily trust is my starting quarterback and maybe as a decent stopgap. He's someone that you can look at least come in and compete for a job. Someone who he's a fascinating guy. All right, so hit me, which should tread the thing. And then I want to ask you about Mario. And let's talk through it because Maybe he got sucked of under the right coach. Okay. All right. All right. Well, you know, we talked about Jared Golf, and there was a report from the athletic on Friday night that the Rams are an exploratory discussions with multiple teams about a trade involving Jared Gulf, so we'll have to continue. The monitor that one trade that looks like it might be going down in Major League Baseball is the Rockies, sending their All Star and Gold Glove winner Nolan a. Renato to the ST Louis Cardinals, pending approval from a player's association. And MLB. Aaron Otto does have a no trade clause. But by all accounts, it seems as if he's going to wave that and should everything work out the way it's supposed to. He will be a new member of the Cardinals. We had some action in the NFL or Excuse me in the NBA. On Friday, Utah Without Donovan Mitchell hammered the Dallas Mavericks 1 20 to 1 a one. They now have the best record in the NBA at 15 and four And have won 11 games in a row. The Clippers dominating the Orlando Magic Trey Young scoring 41 for Atlanta in a victory over Washington Spurs, kings and the Nets with wins a top 20 college hoops magic batch Up in the Big 10 saw Illinois be Iowa, 80 to 75 2nd round of the Farmer Insurance Open in Southern California, Victor hobbling what they one shot lead. Over three others back to the fellas. We are the fellas. Figgy. You just heard him. He's it for big Today. Big man is off fellows, of course coming alive from the farmers Insurance, Fox Sports Radio Studios. Call 1888 farmers and you could save a whole lot of something on auto insurance. So here in the Northeast Fig,.

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