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Don't like that. I don't like that. Look, I know that guy and I can't quite figure out how I know that guy. I feel like maybe he was one of the self. Gloucester's Is that a rooster? It would stand to reason right? His beef was cockfighting. Any self glossed The rooster I think No, I think that story that he told is actually a true story. I think a cop did die trying to break up either the ring or the rooster fight itself. Either way he got run. Listen. Beef's beef segment is for you to share your beef. You don't get run, like having an actual beef. And you treat this thing with the respect it deserves. You won't get run. And how can you not treated with respect? I've got the entire r 40 I on the other side of the glass rocking their camel IDs. And if you're watching me on TV right now, during the simulcast Look the pyramid of B five to my left. Keep going. 1 806 368686. What is your beef? Kenny Albany. Kenny, What's up? What? Your beef. Say nothing of respect for you, Jim. My beef is with the lack conversation about in New York Jets perfect season. I remember how hyped you work the whole weight line, and I know the sequel's never goes the original, But Pam Trust me get hyped. There's no wind on that schedule. We will not choke this away. It's the perfect season war Joanie with getting caught on malted hard friends with Suzy Kolber plate. My man, Kenny, Not the more respect you write in this diary hyped, I am height. I'm always hide for a team to run the table backwards. Running the table. Backwards to me is so much more impressive than finishing undefeated. It's just that it's been done before. It's never gonna be as good as the first time, but you're right. It doesn't mean that it's not an amazing accomplishment. Because the Jets are bad enough to do it. I got news for you the Giants, although they do play hard for Joe Judge, and they dio, I'll give you that They do play hard for Joe Judge. They're also bad enough to do it. It's a good thing. They've got that one win on their record already. Because that could be a loss. Right now, In terms of the cockfighting guy got run. I said that I I It's vaguely familiar to me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think he's the guy and I knew he was a self glossary. He's the chicken man. I think, right, Let's go to Orlando. Hi. Who's this? Throw me they call me the chicken man. Really? Why? I have been on a bit of a healthy kick as lovely and all I do is eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am practically bringing these poor files to the brink of extinction, Not to mention the fact. The chicks love me and I have a big rooster, but I know that.

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