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So I wanted to talk about this more. So the final chapter of the Royal watchers Vena book was talking about some of the masonic symbolism in film, and I just carry this forward scope hooking about your calls narcissism, comparative, religion, he Esser Terry movies. And I sit in the symbolism. This was the first of all that I did cinema symbolism to their out right now. And I'm actually waiting sit in the symbolism as we speak. And the she was also looking for the the the original air date. I haven't here for the the Trump episode in the series tracked down that aired in season. One episode thirty it was called the end of the world and the air date. I don't know this is significant, but it was may ninth. Nineteen fifty eight. So there you go MIDA. Let's see if we can squeeze quickly John is east of the Rockies in Virginia Beach. Go ahead. John good morning. It's Richard Lovett. Thank you very much taking my call to make it quickly. John because we'll have. Yeah. I just wanna as well. But how far back does he diligent big a movie, I know you've talked about the wizard of Oz. But I think some of the movies made the late thirties forties. Probably some of the best movies Hollywood. And I just wanted to have that you go. I think the question was how far back does symbolism. Go. Are you go back to the very beginning of Hollywood two of the movies that I'm talking about is cinema symbolism three total of the very first movies ever made metropolis by Fritz Lang and the cabinet of Dr colleague, Gary, so yeah, you will find esoteric symbolism embedded in movies from day one, essentially. All right. Thank you for the call and Roberts. Thank you for these two hours. We there's so much to discuss so many movies. We look forward to cinema symbolism three. What's the projected publishing date? Well, I'm working on that. Now, I hope done probably over the summer. So maybe at the end of this year early next year inevitably takes a little longer than you. I ain't dissipate I speak from experience. So hopefully, it'll be done probably over the summer maybe Christmas at the earliest of this year two thousand nine hundred if not early next year, hopefully, and leave us with a website. My name is Robert W Sullivan before and that is my website, WWW, Robert W Sullivan. And then the letter I the letter v for the fourth Robert W Sullivan IB dot com. Thank you, Robert great talking to you. When we come back Maria Wheatley will unravel the mystery of Stonehenge now, here's Keith Richards, taking us into the break.

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