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NewsRadio, Kale, BJ. I'm Patrick Osborne. This news brought to you by Sinus and snoring specialists. Whether or not Austin orders. Another shutdown really depends on you. At least a faras Mayor Steve Adler is concerned. He says he has seen a different trend of late, with more masks being worn. And he's trying to stay optimistic that tomorrow will actually not culminate and another vote to close down your business. We continue to force this because it's an important thing for us to do. And I'm encouraged by what we're seeing in our community in terms of behaviors, But other says he's worried that partisanship could continue to halt any progress, he says, Generally speaking one party's accepting the word of local leaders and doctors. While the other party is not, he says that shouldn't be an issue of Republicans versus Democrats. Three Austin area hospital system say they're seeing their beds filling up across ST David's ascension seating and Bayliss cotton white there just under 2500 bed about 1900 or full to handle any overflow, Though the Austin Convention Center is being put on standby as an alternate site for those dealing with more mild symptoms and those who are very sick, we'll get priority within the hospital's themselves. Three of Travis County's major boat ramps will remain closed, and this was expected over the July 4th weekend. But as of today, the 3 60 Mansfield and Walsh landing ramps are still closed down. Parks Department says These closures are needed to maintain control over crowds. But Commissioner Gerald already expects this to anger. A lot of people. The lake is a very popular place to be, and it also helps drive the economy out in the lake area. No orders come from the county to reopen the ramps. Majority says he's open to more discussions. Next week to see where public opinion actually stands on this issue, the reward for information leading to the rest of those responsible for shooting and killing Adelaida you're Ia's has increased to $24,000. He was killed while selling ice cream in the run Berg neighborhood, and police say they're looking for three people involved and let's get a look at your news. Radio cable TJ Radar Weather Watch warm and humid this afternoon with clouds and sun.

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