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Eighteen year old girl living enormou life who after twenty minutes of conversation with people she didn't know agreed to group sex involving every type of penetration sometimes simultaneously without using a condom that was what she presented to the court why wasn't that accepted are different areas i think one thing to consider is that within the group one is a civil god and another is a from the military and this idea of kind of the old school patriarchal men clubs quizzing ranks around of issue is one of the issue is that in making his and his relied really heavily on case bills the hot as violence is you know physical an incident is the announcement all the threat of john and you know that actually looking at the situation may well if you're an eighteen year ago around by five men of course you're going to him it now what does it say about how the courts how judges regard sexual assault it's mcculloch and in fact you know that this is three hundred forty page sentence and two hundred pages which dedicated revision by this one judge there more than ha on his and ranch about how and he said that what he was sexual acts in an atmosphere of revelry the line you know what they said about the close really is women you know have have such little resource and what has come not with the protest is this kind of chance they no see no none of granting on my son which is basically they don't believe us unless they kill on this i do that you have to basically put their life in jeopardy you know five singles five men if you believe that you know you were rank and this sort of the case that house happening in twenty six thing where was a madrid team name dinah coast you killed fighting most are taco and i think women here you know completely.

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