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I have a problem. I have aller- Robinson very inconsistent. And I was wondering whether the him for Chris HOGAN because he know without Gordon everything he might get a couple more. Yeah. I understand that the problem is that even before Julian one was here when he was spended before the team signed. Josh, Gordon, Chris HOGAN was a lot more inconsistent than Allen Robinson's. I I don't feel super confident in Robinson's at borderline number two for me this week. But I'd still feel better about him that I would HOGAN. Yeah. And I'll just tell you, Michael. I mean Robinson the matchup might not matter. But he does you want to feel better about it? He does have a great matchup terrible against wide receivers. Thank you for the phone. Call took sixteen weeks the call in. Thank you for calling. Anyway, this guy calls in every week and is always fun patent Ohio break down. Pat. What is that follow up? Key. Let's kick it. Mattie. Jamie. Adam Dave, and he was the problem. You guys have solved it. Day. Why can't we Lakers early? Play under pressure rushing down on me. A knee injury. Doesn't last forever forever ever ever? Sorry. Jesse jackson. Melvin never meant to put you in stuff. I want to give a thank you to Ryan Hickey. I wanted to give a shut out to Dallas Cowboys fan baby. I call you at night because I work all day. I could smell a win from the vice you give away. The man they stack eight in the box. They read it and Dax Amari won't you come and say oh Nellie. No matter. What I do. I do think advice from you even win with my age. Cruise one crazy. Here's my dilemma for you in a tight end tight in wide receiver flex spot never ever false. Metal Ryan with a boy named kennel and uptown growth, you up should I stick with the two or plug in sterling Shepard Mary Thomas. Other than that. There's nothing man. Hey, hey, hey, let's go all the way to my brother's Mary championship. Happy Christmas and have a lovely evening. Yeah. Thank you. I actually know the question this time, I think the question. Yeah. Okay. I got the answer as well was the answer. And this is going to shock some people and Adam even asked me to elaborate, but I would actually start shirt sterling shepherd over rob gronkowski. I think people don't realize this when they ask questions about tight ends in the flex you almost never ever especially with the state of the state of the tight end position in the current state rubber Kelsey athleticism. What to start a tight end in your flex because a good good flex. They low in number two running back or wide receiver shepherd and gronk are very close to me. I prefer shepherd it's nice that they're very close to develop that relationship over the years. I would go with gronk. I have no faith in the giants offense. None. I would go with Ingram over both of them if I could. But it doesn't seem like that's the guy. That's the guy. I most interested on the giants offense. But I understand where you're coming from. And Pat, I hope you call in the next week. You're going to give us a week seventeen jam. All right, man. You take care have a good night. Happy holidays. Thank you very much. All right. So let's go rapid fire on the calls dusted in Texas, Dustin, hit it. Dustin. That's quick doesn't give us a call back. If you can hear us eight five five two one two four two two seven Dylan in Pittsburgh. If we have better luckier Dylan, go, Eric Bronner. Jalen Samuels were Samuels as tight end, Sony, Michelle or Jamal Williams. Who I'm going to go with Jamal Williams over Sony? Michelle. I don't have a lot of confidence in Michelle, especially NPR. It's not particularly close and non PR it is. But I prefer Williams at tight end. I would start Jalen Samuels over any tight end. Not name Travis. Kelsey, thanks Dylan for the phone. Call eight five five two one two four two two seven Mike in New York. Mike you're on ion fantasy football. Six. Passing touchdown for point super flexibly. Quarterbacks are set with Watson Mayfield calcium jet. Jaylen Samuels who I want to plug into a running back slot, but I have one hundred four net Elijah McGuire, Jamal Williams. What do I go with her? How many running backs just one of those four through those for heath? I'm going to take this one. I've been listening to heath all night. I think I know the answer. Oh, actually, I don't know the answer because the Jamaal Williams Elisa McGuire Chit Samuels is one and then which of which of those two McGuire Williams. The funny thing is that you do know the answer to pay the segment and a half you asked me to break down Jamal Williams versus allies Jamal Williams because he's going his team is going to score more points so Jamal waves. Yes, I remembered we're all good. You will start Jalen Samuelson, Jamal Williams. Mike. Thank you for the question. Joel in Chicago, Joel what's going on? Thanks, guys. Podcasts are informative entertaining. Thanks very much. He of course in in a standard league. Do I start Jalen Samuels, Damian Williams or Amari Cooper? Thanks, happy holidays guys. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go. Jalen samuels? I do think Amari Cooper bounces back after that disappointing game last week. It's a fantastic match up for him. But especially in non p p r I prefer Samuels and happy holidays to you as well. Thank you eight five five two one two four to seven Vinnie in Boston. What's up Vinnie? How's it going is good, man? What's going on? I got out one receiver Todd Gurley in the flex Alexis. Say he can't go. Three. I got Doug Baldwin Taylor. Gabriel and Chris HOGAN, thanks guys. I'm going to assume this matter if it's PR actually, I'm starting Baldwin. I'm starting HOGAN. Yeah. Hogan's at an early game. Gabriel is a late game. Right. Same time as girly. So. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I know what you're saying. You're saying that he should start Doug Baldwin, and then either girly or Gabriel unless you think that HOGAN is a lot better than Gabriel. I think it's probably just about a two point difference. Maybe at one point difference. So it's probably worth it to wait on girly dusted in Texas dust, and you're on ion fantasy.

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