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Yet you're into them. How does that happen? And did you ever see them live? And who are they? 1 800 to 83101.5 for 19 to Jersey Faster. Think trouble on the turn By now we've got trouble in Woodbridge on the north and south of the car lanes have flipped over Bear collection and the earrings at 11 2 lanes are closed. This report is sponsored by mattress firm Mattress firms. Labor Day sale is going on now Save up to $500. But you get a king bed for a queen price. Queen for a twin plus get a free adjustable base when you spend 6 99 or more, but he's having a big jam North. Exit seven up to 10. Still, the water may repairs along route to +02 and six to Bedminster and a crash in Montgomery on +206 on the South side, leaving New Jersey worst of the George Washington Bridge of 15 Minute. Wait. Tom Rivers NewJersey traffic North. Elmira, New Jersey, traffic South. So 42 north pounds gonna back you up from black Horse Pike up to Creek Road. We have an accident, still blocking the two right lanes south on 42 No picnic either, and that's backed up off the Walt 76 down towards Creek Road. 55 North. Has you tied up from 47 to 40 to 1 30 catching delays into the Brooklyn Circle. And in that same neck of the woods, we have black horse Pike slow both ways. In Gloucester Township, 6 76 South bound hurts from Morgan Boulevard down to 70 76 in the turnpike south with a four mile delay now in towards Exit one from the earlier fuel spill. And to 95 South is still jammed into exit E 11 where they're picking up the midday roadwork. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next, reported 3 33 on New Jersey one A 1.5, the MBA playoffs air here, and Fanduel Sports book has a slam dunk offer you won't wanna miss Right now. New users can get special plus 2000 odds on any team to make the n ba Finals. Just.

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