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Don't even know what the thing other than rita ora still somehow roxy outfit which is it's true she looks weird it just seems like a dare honestly she could put on anything she could where she could wear the clothes from my closet and they'd be like wow really dialed in adelaide shirts and so they're just a bunch of apple insurance a bunch everley insure it's been like really crappy shalita or steps out in body fingers ever lean wardrobe rita ora bust out of men's linen top well yeah bust out i mean because lincoln whenever update time like in the background i'm like what why are you wearing my clothes i mean she's hearing my patricia clarkson back she can't wear anything she even put this other she could even wear cartoon homer simpson so she fully make it here right she was naked and then they just drew a bikini over her is that with the idea but why is homer simpson here so funny rita posted this photo of her in a in a pool and it looks like maybe she's clothes and they just drove right but i think she's she was topless in the pool and then because the bikini that's on it all on her drawn on it's just like pink and yellow bikini that's like drawn over her but then there's also more cartoon immature if you'd like drawn over there's like a monster in her hand like fake water around her and then there's homer simpson drooling while you're sitting there and i think it looks like someone made this primary just wrote a love that is the capital of love the same yet again saying what rita is it new app where you could just like ad simpson images to you're thing love this what is what is it what is that who made it who she's so fun shows on she's so fun you you know what else is fun ending this episode oh my god damn near listening to yet another episode of who weekly thank you to all of our sponsors or you know putting up us support us on pattern of accomplishment leaper by weekly newsletter on oh that reminds me the thing about the shame mitchell showed that i really love is that a sorry it's not even a by its biweekly new episodes but they say 'em whereas at the bi weekly youtuber original series almost ready will every other wednesday a with every other wednesday what i thought they used by weekly because they weren't sure how many episodes they were gonna do and they were like let's use the word that could mean to things like well oh then they defined that they met every other than they defined they met every other 'em imagine watching a shaman show twice a week had imagining do who weekly every other week what a what a fan of one a m sports on petra accomplish weekly 'em follows on instagram and twitter face book call us at six one nine who them especially if you have been laying goff's or marianne williamson god's word i mean literally a national saw remember when we want it that fucking 'em drip ass what did he dribbles pete buddha judge on this podcast we're sleeping on marianne williamson then in bet bet marianne williamson come on the podcast now i wanna talk about politics about love we wanna talk about miracles we're gonna talk about laura dern we wanna talk about 'em oprah.

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