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Is here. Maria's board just completed the news. We didn't get to hear the news during this one. The newscast, especially because we air still online. On our WJR Facebook Page Indoor W Jared calm so anything besides the sad news that very Wilson died last night at the relatively young age of 76 any other big breaking news? Marie, we might have missed Well, of course, there's the impeachment today, So that's it. There's really impeachment today. Uh, obviously our lead story is you want me? Oh, not impeaching President Biden, are they? You could only impeach somebody who's in office. I thought, well, that's another story. Anyway. Dana Clark is here. Traffic weather and a little snow, but so far so good, Dana, look, you accidents out there, but it's going to be slippery. So take your time. Leave space and, yeah, Be careful out there, right, Morton, pressing all the right buttons with the help of Keith, our chief engineer fixing some of those buttons. My Kim of the southernmost a portion of Detroit checking in And, of course, our executive producer running the show by the clock, the grandfather clock matter of fact. Good morning and Thomas. Good morning, Dad. Happy Tuesday. Happy Tuesday to you. Anybody have anything they want to make sure that they bring up were mentioned or lead us into in conversation. Well, you know, there was the death yesterday of this attorney that was well known in the Detroit area. I just wanted to take a minute and make out of live. Woodard's, um, It was a real Staple in the Detroit legal community, and and I don't know if you knew him or fed knew him at all. Outpouring yesterday with regard to his passing was just amazing. He was a much loved Very much so that in our community, I don't know if we ever interviewed him. I don't think I don't think so. I don't know that we ever have interviewed him. If you ever interviewed him, you wouldn't forget it Forget okay? No, it's a I will say this knowing no details, and they certainly will be an investigation. It does not sound good when it involves a police patrol car, right? Yeah. Lights flashing siren going or not, But going through a red light. I thought I heard Yes, that's never going to end up good man. Thomas and seven thorough investigation underway. Isn't concerned about it. Yeah, I'm concerned about it. When I heard that, too. I mean, let's face it. Well, who among us has seen situations before? Where People go through red lights, and sometimes we're not exactly sure if they're on the way to an emergency or not. I mean, I'm putting it is Delicately as I can, but I'm glad to hear it. Least of the lights and siren. Yes. What I heard we're going. We're being used. But what a horrible story for Cliff Lee Woodard family. He's the last name. Woodard. Yes. What did you say? Uh huh. Okay? Well, we send out our our condolences. You may have just said that, but he couldn't understand. So I do have a pressing question of based on this weekend's activities. This is written by an Andy Nesbitt. And that is he is saying again. Because we have discussed this in the past and we're going to discuss it now. Why in the world isn't the Super Bowl on Saturday? Yes, I don't get it on millions of lost hours of productivity and labor on the people. You know, I was making jokes about it Monday. I don't know what you really don't want to commit and give this to anybody. Um, especially now with gold. Right? Right. We put everything on its head anyway. And you know it used to be well, Sunday has to be football. We have football on Monday. That was day. Eight Tuesday. Come on. So it on. Lee makes well. No one will watch television on Saturday. People who care we'll watch the Super Bowl if you put it on Wednesday morning at 10 12, but But I really have to agree that Because Monday mornings they're very tough and now's the time to change it way better than everything's right. Everything's different now, so Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Kind of like, like, why can't you just do it? Just do it just like changing the clocks back and forth. We don't need to vote on this. Just do it. Like some things you feel like you should be able to do. Immediately. It shouldn't have to go through a process, You know? Dammit! Queen Dana, Right? That's what hurts right Green. Dana, I have to agree with you that we spent an awful lot of time on things. That should just be, uh, do it. Let's do it. Just really? Yeah. There's no good argument for keeping it on Sunday. No. What is it? The advertisers they'll go to Saturday. I mean the evening. I understand because they want the higher advertising dollars. That part I get. But Wait a minute. You mean what's happy evening? I think because the other argument is to lose one. Why is it not on earlier on earlier Start at three of sand that either doesn't even I think the money I think you charge more for the evening advertising. I think they can charge whatever they want exactly. Well, whenever I'm just thankful it's funny. You say that because it's kickoff. It's like, Where was it? Just this programming. Well, programming was all day long, but it's more like 6 30. He worships. You know a lot of these championship games and maybe other sports, but they started feeding clock at night. That's what crazy Yeah, on a week that especially so let's start the movement and let's get started right.

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