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Gatorade is there to help you fuel it because greatness starts with g. We're back in the look on his face suggested to me. Dan gano thinks he knows this. Who coached the browns. The last season which they finished out of their first or second in their division remember. This past year was the first time they had won ten or more games in a season since two thousand seven. So i'm guessing. The seventeen was the last team to pull this off. That was a romeo coronel coat. Cleveland browns teams. So that's going to be my guest. Mike goodness he's a machine that's right. That's incredibly good. The browns have finished third or fourth in the division. Each of the last thirteen seasons and grazziano lead extends to twenty eight twenty two over hamble. I got to tell you that is extraordinarily impressive. Meanwhile dan let's do this. Overreaction monday i'm gonna give you some thoughts you tell me whether or not these are overreacted. The russell wilson manner has been put to bed for good. Is that an overreaction or now. it's an overreaction. I will say. I think it's been put to bed for this year and i think the seahawks will go forward and everybody will be happy to have a great year win the super bowl. Then maybe we never talk about this again. But i do think it's possible if they have a disappointing season least by their standards that this bubbles up again next off season remember. Russell wilson be a lot easier to trade contract wise next year then he would have been this. You aren't the next. You should not draft saquon barkley early in your fantasy. Draft overreaction or no. It's an overreaction. Look i mean he's coming off a major injury and the giants have settled lot about how careful they're going to be and it's likely he'll be at least a little bit limited to start training camps going to scare off a lot of people but i everything i've heard about his recovery is that it's been good. He should be on track to be back if not right away. Certainly early in the season at full strength and full workload. I wouldn't i would not see her too far away from that. All right then finally go back to the bounds. We were just talking about. Cleveland will win. The division overreaction or no. It's not an overreaction. They're good enough to do it now. They're in a very tough division. And i think you can make the case for you know other teams in that division but i. I don't think it's wrong to say that they can do it if you wanna pick cleveland to win the afc north. I i think you can make a very very strong case to support it by the end of the year last year. They were certainly playing better than pittsburgh as the head to head results. Indicate and i think they were right there with baltimore. Remember that monday night game. Where became famous for lamar jackson's. Whatever bathroom run late in the game baltimore came back and beat him but it was the neck and neck and could have gone either way. Yes we had gastrointestinal circumstances but it was a thrilling monday night game but it is not only. Is it a fair question to ask. It's in fact an interesting question to ask..

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