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P. over at yeah you run RPO because you want to see if they commit and if they do give you probably a any number of guys to be they could be they could be just about everyone open in this place if you decide to throw it is probably for the game got your wise defense go to pick one of all printable zero blitz zero zero wow you gotta go thirty two for the near side you are you gonna take a time out well that was tricky they had out here so they had out here the running back they had a lover he pulled the near side Taylor's callin Shumway on the far side laugh receiver Mike inside yeah what about who's in the shot yeah right had a running back background with that that was also here comes number thirteen Mike aside the wide receiver from the left the motion did they got upset but he was gonna take a staff so that by the bits of sore little trick play it and it was that would be why you the call me when you call the time out yeah yeah what they don't want to do is mess up in subway not habit of guys on the line of scrimmage thank you because the pedal right because a third to they can write anything and I'll tell you this that Jeff Grimes yup it's according to will call the best way that he thinks will give two yards and they have been the for creative of the two offices in part because they had to in the first half because that's actually what got a bill we finally that's right but what it what it's got the is to seventeen to go there up by three points why has no time outs what a clock at this point will help with that much because wise office is such that they're not going to burn up a lot of clock in a two minute drill anyway it's all right now it's Brooke Burke that matters you said RPO earlier I would also think about zone read and give will set a chance to get to the outside let's see what they have not stopped him from gaining yardage every time he's run well hold whole white crowd the line is slated bush the near side right Wilson understate the retired hello dear will fit got a pitch he's got signed up.

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