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The plane he also earned a number of awards in decorations sunni police laying awful were three dozen employees as fallout continues following the indictment of the former president officials say 38 employees were sent notices yesterday the layoffs include administrative vincent port staff but will not impact research faculty the moves with the latest in a shakeup that started with the resignation last year for link how euros go euro stepped down as president after being indicted on charges of bribery embiid rigging officials say the layoffs along with other changes are expected to save suny poly ten million dollars annually governor cuomo will be in fort drum today to honor of fallen law enforcement officer state trooper joel davis was shot and killed when responding to a domestic dispute this past sunday in the jefferson county town of theresa the suspect 32yearold justin walters is an army staff sergeant stationed at fort drum is also accused of shooting in killing his wife 27yearold nicole water walters in shooting a third victim who survived faces charges of first and second degree murder the ceo of bowtie cinemas and the representative from panache you'll construction were troy city hall today to speak to the industrial development authority about two projects i as the theater that it's being built on the monument square site which bow tie coo joe masher says will be the best leader in the area the first luxury theater in the capital region it's going to be the first with electric declining chairs the first one to have a full food environment you us if people can have a light fight had cocktail all enjoying their film odd it's.

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