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Election. What is your final prediction for this year? With only 13 days till election day right now still continue Say if the election were tomorrow I see Trump to get in the mid seventies and quite Strong possibility of Ah, my wave of six or 7% support. That's not nothing on account of national polls and some of these states, they could make it a more significant electoral victory. But I don't see there where he doesn't get the requisite to 70 plus to win. Wow. Amazing prediction. Alright Robert Haley Trafalgar Group will continue Teo check in with you before the election. We really appreciate your time. Thanks for being with us when we come back. James O'Keefe Project Veritas. The breaking aspect is undercover Google operation um or Google Speech suppression will break that down for you. Next. We'll get your calls in final hour of the Sean Hannity Show 13 days until you are the ultimate jury. Hannity tonight at nine. Hope you say DVR and join us on the Fox News Channel. Quick break right back will continue. Hey, there's still a lot more ahead on the best of the Sean Hannity show. Stay tuned for more right after news on this station. Every day, Your body is engaged in a microscopic battle foreign invaders like bacteria, fungus and virus or constantly attacking you. I'm naturopath Dr Dennis Black and venture of Texas Superfood, and it's your immune system's job to detect, deflect and destroyed these invaders..

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