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You're listening to the inquiry with me, Kavita Puri, coming up after the news, the entire city was rebuilt absolutely from scratch, it was equivalent of the moon landing really this was the early nineteen fifties, when Brazil's capital moved from bustling Rio de Janeiro to the empty wilderness of Brasilia alert deserved not. It's not like we have done half. You know, in Tanzania over forty five years after the capsule, moved from Dar-es-Salaam to dedom- didata, this still a long way to go the inability to achieve total divorce, totally abandoned. The old capital city is quite typical, even when the capital moved successfully. As in Kazakhstan. The former one can still linger in people's hearts for generation said this week, we ask, how do you move a capital city? Hello. I'm Lee MC, with the BBC news. The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is, on course for a major victory in the general elections, which were held over several weeks. Early trends suggest the governing BJP and its allies will get well, over three hundred seats in the five hundred and forty three member house. The BBC's Regina vijaynand daily says that, although the strongly Hindu-nationalist Mr. Modi is a polarizing figure most voters trust him on development. They're having Rafter schemes that he's brought in promises to build toilets in rural areas for the poor also, give them gas connections. And he has in many cases delivered on that, but only halfway some would say, for example, when we talk about that from his to Bill toilets, while many toilets how been built, there are complaints that they haven't got proper sewage and water to operate. So for many people this was a job half done. Police in the us state of Missouri. Extensive damage has been caused to the city. The of Jefferson after a powerful tornado struck shortly before midnight on Wednesday reports at least three people have been killed in the state capital, emergency services are trying to find people who may be trumped the tenant David Williams of the city's police said an apartment block had been badly damaged, and they were assessing the extent of the destruction..

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