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It's matter of starting small and slowly building your balance so that you will eventually have something to fall back. Now, some of the actual practices are more sleep, better nutrition, more different exercise, more meditation self compassion, and I'm emphasizing that gratitude also emphasizing that and connection. And saying, no, we don't feel like we can do something. But. There's a big picture framework that holds the hold these practices, and it's like a framework of attitude adjustment. And they are they consist of a certain steps which I will. Share with you here, the first step is acceptance and I've talked about this a lot talked about a lot from the framework of Japanese psychology. I've talked about a lot from Greg creatures books and in Interviewing Greg Creech. Acceptance is a dynamic thing. It's not a giving up or. You know that that feeling of I guess I have to accept it I can't change it but Blah no acceptance can be a powerful force. It's a force of taking control of your own mind and looking into reality instead of pushing it away or escaping from it. Instead. Of like exaggerating it or avoiding it that's sort of the push pull phenomena of the second noble truth. Buddha talks about both of those things pushing and pulling are clinging. If you're pushing it away, you're actually clinging to it because you keep thinking about it if if your pulling. Putting the you wouldn't pull the actual pandemic towards you but you would pull your wishing for your old life back to you and that's all sore clinging clinging to something. That is no longer there. In acceptance we accept that life is different and when we stop fighting reality, we can apply our energy towards more constructive activities. The second attitude adjustment is expecting less from yourself, expecting less and replenishing more. It takes more if it takes more than a half a day to get focused and complete one task. Okay. That's okay I. It's totally out of what we normally except for ourselves totally out of what we think is right for ourselves as we push ourselves through our days. But everything about our daily rhythms and times are different now and we need to slowly build. Let's face it. We're building a new way to live. The other attitude adjustment is recognized the different aspects of grief. We are grieving actual lives, lost sicknesses the loss of being able to visit others we are grieving are lost way of life we are grieving. The fact that we have an uncertain future now, the stages of grief that they talk about are typically refer to as denial anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Now, one thing about stages of grief is that they're not letting year. And they can surprise us when they arise..

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