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Parlay. Oh maybe i don't know. We'll see if i think it's going to put up. Here is the thing now because our first year with vandal. They're asking me to put in the super boost on what monday night or something and say. Hey a lot of things are about to happen through this tuesday by tuesday. You know because we have to build the whole thing. I'm like okay. And i think by the end of the season was when's there whatever which is very nice not for thursday night game before the sunday night game but from wednesday to sunday like lot a lot happens so the fact now that i think both tech side on the back end of them. They're okay with like okay. You can send it over to a day of my cool. Thank you. I appreciate that because it helps out a lot with our feeling and thinking about things not on. Tonight's game necessarily. I don't think many change but through the season. I think we're going to continue to do this thing. I'm pumped this. And i'm just waiting game. Whether or not pitch. I mean how am i not supposed to just talk about one. I mean. give people samples given like a ten dollar risk-free same game parlay. Don't put the thing up yet because we don't know there maybe tonight if they can't get in either will be. I think next thursday or whatever but this is ten risk-free same game parlay because the same game parlay when they brought that into the game. It changed immediately so they want to continue. I think i don't think they wanna take a victory lap on the same game. But i think they do feel good about the fact that the same game parlay easier crowd-pleasing. Yeah and it is a way to win a lot of money. So i think the way we fell on this thing happened it was. Let's let's let's just let people know what could potentially have now. Let's just let people know what it could be what could happen. Ten dollars could turn into what one hundred sixty way risk free. Are you kidding. One hundred sixty so they set up some guidelines. They set up some guardrails. Okay this is what it can be all right. It can only be up to this. Plus they can't go below this. We can't do that it has to be in here. Only this amount of legs. I'm like are you got. It's actually pretty cool thing between us and fan being like like we're trying to beat them and they are trying to beat us back though. Let's not let's not get. It is a nice little gamesmanship they got in a ten dollar risk-free same getting parlay for everybody. New users are not tonight. I think should be a winner. But you'll be able to see what i think's going to happen tonight. And that is quarterback the run an even if you you know. We can't do the risk free. I'm gonna put in that as a separate on. Its own bed pry bump that up a little higher than ten bucks. Just because about yeah. Thank you over under on danny. I think he's like twenty and a half yards on the night to run. He'll do that. One run yeah. That is something that de. That's a bet that is alive to ties talked about this earlier. That's about that's alive for four quarters jump from one play. I love the quarterback over on their russia owned. Rg three made me so much. Money in literally blew out his hamstring. The next he got thirty seven yards on that one. All you need is one place. You have an athletic quarterback all you need is one play one coverage to be completely gone another way one chase young chasing dany dimes out of the pocket and him having to go run. I mean those. Those bets have been good to be in the past. So i let off with a couple of those i do think is going to be more points than people think. I think there's going to be some Some points scored in there. Ill i think so. I don't know. I don't know if that's the right thing but i do know started at forty six half and it's all the way down to forty. Yeah so if you just play the game. Hey we're trying to beat sports but we got at least six and a half points and there is so i like six. That's touchdown yeah. I'm big fan of that. Obviously extra point but you get it that. That's a big thing. So i think you have to do that. If you're just looking at how the line had moved. I feel about what we're cooking. I help it can get up at times. Yeah and with that under lamberto bombo talked about it earlier. This washington football team. Everyone talking about such a great defense and last week they gave up four hundred seventy yards. So you gotta assume like. Hey let's say up most. Go get dan jones on thursday night. Well we will see. I mean i hope i dan. Jones actually has a chance to run. You know sure. That's the thing running for his life. Yeah it's almost to our benefit. Their line might be kind of dog shit because he is going to be running for his life all night and he might take up. you know. Twenty eight rush yards in the first quarter night. Did anybody watch any of this giant's game. Moore's washington football team. I watch a little bit of. I watched the football team. Because the chargers i want with the chargers i did not watch much of the giants broncos game in. I am sorry that i did. Not because i think teddy bridgewater is awesome. Yeah i watch video. Von miller talking to teddy bridgewater after the game and he was like. I haven't felt like this since eighteen. Here man your little pep talk show given a little things you're doing all that shit adds up. That helps a lot. I'm i'm i mean the broncos all anybody has been saying the broncos camp in broncos fan bases if we have a quarterback we're going to be good yeah teddy bridgewater. Did he get kind of bamboozled last year. Because he didn't get a chance to play with christian mccaffrey who made up like twenty percent of their salary cap down in carolina. Feels like you know maybe house. Teddy bridgewater on the carolina panthers. If you have christian mccaffrey one of the most explosive players in the nfl alongside you as opposed to being hurt. Probably better right. Yeah but obviously in the building they felt for whatever reason at ted. He's not the guy they move along teddy. All we did was when new orleans last year when he was in minnesota he was going to. Mvp com anthony devastating injury happening bounce around undefeated in new orleans and we saw what james did write a one year behind drew. Brees teddy was behind. Drew withdrew for like two three years. Or whatever down there. Two years i think so like just the thought of teddy leading a team that was we were told. Hey all they need is quarterback. That's what aaron rodgers conversation was so if teddy can play good football. That's a great team. Now will they have enough to be able to withstand the inevitable. Kansas city chiefs flip of the switch. We want to win this fucking game. I guess that's tvd but they got studs on that team over there. Their offense is loaded with talent. And i mean to your point about teddy like that. That was kind of the i. Guess that's the knock on him. He's not like super aggressive and he's not gonna to be throwing for three hundred fifty yards every week but he doesn't really turn the ball over and that's kind of what they had with drew. Lock like he was gonna throw a couple big time bombs but they had so many turnovers in situations where bit him in the ass. If teddy plays the way he's capable of and he's not turning it over like they could be ten win eleven win team this year. So maybe we're judging the giants too hard off of what happened last week with you know what i'm saying. Maybe saquon does either. Denver broncos team has everything that everybody was saying about them as offseason. That's a fucking team. Yeah i do believe the same game parlay is up on fair. Indianapolis in indiana might take a little bit longer and pennsylvania. You might have to exit out the app and get back in there. Ten dollar risk-free.

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